1995 Rugby World Cup Final post game and trophy presentation

Team SVA


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  • Gerald Koh says:

    saw this except through the movie Invictus, and now I can see the real
    version. Very touching. Madiba will never be forgotten by any global
    citizen, and kudos to that fantastic rugby team who truly did its part in
    uniting a nation!

  • Ghada Hijjawi says:

    Thank you very much for sharing – this is not just history, this is a
    reminder of the great values that we must protect if we want to continue to
    strive for, and achieve, our common goals as one species – one human kind.
    Best wishes for the New Year.

  • mustaf ahmed says:


  • Dylon John Govender says:

    Just watched invictus lol

  • AQUAMY VONZ says:

    If only all leaders all over the world have the vision he have for his
    country we will leave peacefully on this world. We are only here
    temporarily as it is not ours. What ever faith religion we have peace in
    world. If ONE MAN can do it for SOUTH AFRICA. just imagine just imagine the
    millions of man around the world can make a change for our children to
    llive happily around each other. RIP Sir Mandela. God bless us all. 

  • Dino Riyami says:

    Legend. He done more in the years that he was free than most do in a

  • Calvin Chu says:

    "When Mr Mandela handed me the trophy, he thanked me for what we had done
    for South Africa. I thanked him for what he had done for the nation. And at
    the end of the match, we all said a prayer. We are believers." Francois

  • alfredomartin98 says:


  • planetwasabi says:

    RIP Mr Nelson Mandela

  • Huang george says:

    Great Mandela

  • Bill Masikau says:

    Farewell Madiba

  • Tehui1974 says:

    It’s a shame that the food poisoning prevented a healthy AB side taking the
    field that day. 

  • capoislamort100 says:

    Now,what’s wrong with this picture??..not one black on the whole S. African
    team.those bastards have neither shame or remorse!!

  • peopleofthecircle says:

    THE POWER OF HAPPINESS – Mandela made excellent use of it! Smiles,
    laughter, and happiness allows people to lower their guard and be more open
    to others.

  • dorothy potgieter says:

    So proud to know that I shared this wonderful historic moment with Herman
    and Olivier Potgieter.

  • Romero Edgar says:

    I am not Suth African, I am Venezuelan but I cry with excitement every time
    I see this story of tolerance and humanity. Nelson Mandela live forever in
    our hearts

  • denisstyopin says:

    really great historical moment

  • DOH FONCHAM says:


  • Michele Mozzanica says:

    This is a beautiful page of history; don’t only a sport’s history but also
    a political and social history. This is my memory of #nelsonmandela , a
    man, a hero, a dreamer!

    R.I.P. Mandela

  • Hosia Win Win says:

    Will there be another man like Madiba?????????????

  • Steve Kress says:

    R.I.P. Nelson Mandela. Long live Madiba’s spirit!!!

  • Kieran Etoria-King says:

    wish this wasn’t New Zealand coverage but south african so I could hear the

  • Rex Firefly says:

    He was one of the greatest human beings ever.

  • Scott Boobis says:

    RIP Mandela