2014 College Football Playoff Rankings: Week 15 Top 25 Updates

The College Football playoff selection committee will release Week 15 rankings later tonight. On last week playoff ranking, the AP Poll raked Florida State at No.1 yet the selection committee wasn’t swayed at it as they ranked the Seminoles at No.3 despite their clean slate 12-0 record. The only downside of this Seminoles hard fought comeback wins in the recent weeks that still failed to convince the poll and ranking bodies that they deserve on top.

There is no foreseen changes this week with the expected team to top the rankings would still be Alabama which improved to 11-1 after the Iron Bowl shootout win over Auburn. Oregon dominates the Civil War win over the rival Oregon State on the weekend.

With that said expect the top three of the college football rankings to remain the same. Alabama, Oregon and Florida State.

However, there will be new No.4 in the ranking as Mississippi State suffered a heart breaking loss to Ole Miss. Ohio State, Baylor or TCU could replace as both teams won over the weekend assignments.

Other teams expected to move up in the rankings are Michigan State, Arizona, Kansas State, Wisconsin, Georgia Tech, Missouri, Ole Miss, Clemson, Louisville, Boise State, Marshall and Utah.

Losers on Week 14 includes UCLA, Georgia, Arizona State, Auburn and Minnesota.

The committee’s rankings will be announced on ESPN Tuesday evening and check this page below for College Football Playoff Rankings 2014: Top 25 for Week 15 Updates

1. Alabama 11-1
2. Oregon 11-1
3. TCU 10-1
4. Florida State 12-0
5. Ohio State 11-1
6. Baylor 10-1
7. Arizona 10-2
8. Michigan State 10-2
9. Kansas State 9-2
10. Mississippi State 10-2
11. Georgia Tech 10-2
12. Ole Miss 9-3
13. Wisconsin 10-2
14. Georgia 9-3
15. UCLA 9-3
16. Missouri 10-2
17. Arizona State 9-3
18. Clemson 9-3
19. Auburn 8-4
20. Oklahoma 8-3
21. Louisville 9-3
22. Boise State 10-2
23. Utah 8-4
24. LSU 8-4
25. USC 8-4

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