2014 FIFA World Cup! BEST GAME EVER! vs. KYR SP33DY

Playing 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil with SPEEDY Like if you enjoy this game! Second Channel: http:www.youtube.comuserDeluxeVersus The Crew: Speedys Channel: http:www.youtube.comuserspeed…

Team SVA


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  • RohanSajet says:

    Battle of the derps! :D

  • Kevin G says:

    I’m pretty sure you broke the 6 likes you were looking for.

  • Andres morales says:

    FIGHT ME! In futbol…

  • Scott Hogsett says:

    tim howard is in the top 5 best goal keepers in Europe lol ha

  • Dylan Eogan says:

    Ireland will win the 2018 World Cup! #IrishFTW 

  • ItsSinuation says:

    D4 <3

  • mahmoud sherif says:

    Check out Rogerio Ceni(not sexually) he is a GK who has scored over 100

  • Christopher Wiggins says:

    I love how both of these guys call it football, even though they’re

  • Valdog1121 says:

    Charlie where are you :(

  • TERiYAKi TRAPPiN says:

    Goddamn, Deluxe is actually good… for an American.

  • Pedro Casanova says:

    Im going to say it again you americans gonna get destroyed by ronaldo and
    germany!! BYE BYE BIATCH

  • UzumakiAnime says:

    Americans playing football. Now that is some entertain

  • Shadow169 says:

    You may have beaten Sp33dy 4-0. But you lost to Sidearms…so yeah

  • Matthew Glancy says:


  • Charaf Caesar says:

    Yoo if you didnt know no spoiler alert messi and neymar play together in

  • TheDeluxe4 says:

    Like the video if you love cookies!


    howard only good because of john stones and phil jagielka nuff said

  • Jesus De La Rosa says:

    In football or for your Americans soccer number 9 is the number that the
    best players wear

  • Noorgaard FL says:

    No wonder Deluxe won, he had Hulk on his team. That must be cheating right?

  • James Campbell says:

    Did anyone else notice when D4 was shouting PK Pique was in the picture

  • V3nZOOM says:

    2014 FIFA World Cup! BEST GAME EVER! vs. KYR SP33DY

  • FMB Shewzzey says:

    asks for 6 likes. gets 6 dislikes XD

  • Jack Samuels says:

    10 Best Keepers in the world in my opinion:

    1. Iker Casillas
    2. Manuel Neuer
    3. Petr Cech
    4. Gianluigi Buffon
    5. Thibaut Coutios
    6. Hugo Lloris
    7. Joe Hart
    8. Julio Cesar
    9. Samir Handanovic
    10. Salvatore Sirigu 

  • Bing Legend says:

    10th comment