2014 FIFA World Cup Gameplay Series – Games Mode

Check out the many game modes of the upcoming World Cup FIFA game.

Team SVA


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  • SrSatruch says:

    HONDURAS 2- MEXICO 1 1:26 YEAH.!!

  • Murtaza Razzak says:

    It is only coming to ps3 and 360.

  • TheMRHuskyy says:

    is this coming to ps3/360 aswell?

  • Tyrone Lio says:

    It says something about FIFA yearly releases when the World Cup 2010 game
    is the best football game out there and this looks to just improve in it,
    can’t wait!

  • josephdwi says:

    This is USELESS! This mode is for 10 years old below. EA you better fix the
    OP heading instead of this.

  • David Lemonheead says:

    Why isn’t this on ps4 and xbone…..

  • MrRonald2796 says:

    People complained when the Euro 2012 was released as DLC and wanted it
    separately, now the WC 2014 game will be released as a different game and
    people are complaining again, you can just never get satisfied

  • Jordan Bell says:

    No sorry I already have FIFA 14.

  • roaches23 says:


  • JSJ07 says:

    I will never understand why this isn’t next-gen…

  • 86THEMADHATTER says:

    Can you not just do something similar in fifa 2014? Make your own
    tournament or something like that?

  • Campbellnality says:

    Rendered crowd.. without the ignite engine?? But EA, you said it wasn’t
    possible on current gen hardware?

  • LucaKoopa says:

    We want FIFA World CUp 14 for Next Gen, not only for PS4 und Xbox 360 >-<

  • tastywhatever says:

    The reason It’s not on next gen is because EA wanted to concentrate on
    consoles that it knows are already in most homes ie Xbox 360 and PS3. It
    will be bringing out a world cup tournament mode for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team
    next gen

  • tastywhatever says:

    At least EA can build the stadiums on time

  • Callum Relph says:

    It’s football not "soccer" you American retards

  • ScuderiaFan says:

    Why not on PC?

  • paolomarcellogrant30 says:

    Y only last gen?

  • LonelyBananaProducts says:

    Seems trash… what a surprise…

  • Angel Alaniz says:

    Soccer is boring