Welcome to my cutthroat sports blog. I live in San Francisco and a Golden State Warriors’ fan because of Steph gonna Steph. But basically I like all Bay Area teams – SF 49ers, SF Giants, Oakland A’s and Raiders (Opps! the Silver & Black looks prettying good on 2016 season) except the Sharks. I go out for caffeine to get my day going.

Sports Video Analysis was founded in March 2014, from the greatest sports fan base on earth oozing with greatness.

This sportsvideoanalysis.com provides yada-yada on a sports trending topic, by the sports fan and for the sports fan.

The last appraisal this blog is worth around $700.

Special Offer:
SportVideoAnalysis.com is 2-year old and has 8-10K unique visitors with 25-30 thousand pageviews a month. To cut the chase, I’m selling this blog for interested sport bloggers. This is a good opportunity for newbie bloggers to start to build your audience fast if you incorporate Google Hangouts and Facebook.

For interested buyers: Email me at richbarell@gmail.com

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