Better Offensive Player: Steph Curry or LeBron James! – ESPN First Take

Who’s Better Offensive Player: Steph Curry or LeBron James?

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith discuss Stephen Curry saying he would score more than LeBron if they were just to go out and score. Better Offensive Player…

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  • Travis Takamori says:

    Was I in a coma or did I miss something? When talking about OFFENSE, how
    come they didn’t mention the current MVP? IMO, there’s a player in OKC
    that’s the best offensive player in the NBA and his name is Jeremy
    Lamb!…OOPS! I mean KEVIN DURANT!!!!

  • Raihan Khan says:

    kevin durant and lebron >>>>>>> curry

  • Steven P says:

    Steph Curry is the ideal video game player! But in real life I’m taking
    LeBron James!

  • Zay James says:

    This isn’t even a contest lebron is light years better than steph curry on
    offense. Steph is a phenomenal jump shooter, but he can not touch lebron
    when comes to overall offense productivity 

  • Suli Babayemi says:

    Lemme break it down for you… KD is the only one other than Melo and Kobe
    if he can still deliver(age) is a greater offensive threat than lebron. NO
    ONE ELSE… They’re talking about shooting but even Curry has a bad day
    which means that you can’t just rely on shooting. Get to the hole or no no

  • Cordelle Josrph says:

    Kevin durant best offensive player period. …

  • jose arroligas says:

    Lmao sometimes SAS has to be high. Durant is bar none the most scary
    offensive player in the league, guy can decimate you from anywhere. And
    lebron is definitely better than Curry in every aspect except 3 pointers

  • Gaurav Arora says:

    Kobe in his prime if we r talking about offence??????

  • 3DSDF says:

    Wait, so are they insinuating that Curry may be better that Ray Allen? I
    know that they didn’t say that, but it seems that they’re teetering towards
    it at 10:00-10:20.

  • calstate says:

    Many players in the NBA are better than Lebron in certain categories, like
    3PT range, Mid range shooting, etc. But no one is a more complete player
    offensively. Overall he is the best offensive player in the NBA. Yes he
    uses power and strength but you also cannot ignore him from the perimeter
    and when his jump shot is on he is unstoppable. 

  • Javier Lopez says:

    Wade better than lebron and curry

  • Jamie Gallant says:

    Lebron way better at offense then curry wtf this is so dumb 

  • Hateis likeCancer says:

    L. James: 27.1 PPG, FG% 0.567, 3P% 0.379
    S. Curry: 24.0 PPG, FG% 0.471, 3P% 0.424

    Numbers favor LeBron. 

  • João Ferreira says:

    It’s hilarious to me how Lebron is "supposedly" offensively worse then
    everybody else when he averages like 27 PPG for his career.

    So, again, Skip is right.

    This would have been a much more interesting conversation if the players
    involved were KD and Melo

  • Arthur Fisher says:

    Kd,Melo,Curry, and I throw in Harden. Coming from a person who likes

  • TheFlogame says:


  • Raymond Washington says:

    Did everyone forget about kd he’s the best offensive player

  • Jovan Sanchez says:

    Steph curry all the way!!! Everyone dislike Lebron idky I think it’s the
    way he plays. He’s too boring he just go for the hoop or 3point…he needs
    to be creative like everyone else but he still good at least now he going
    back home. Respect.