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Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight is imminent, save the date May 2 (photo Twitter)
Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight is imminent, save the date May 2 (photo Twitter)

The Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight is happening on May 2, that is according to Top Rank honcho Bob Arum himself as reported by NY Post. “We’re looking to complete the paperwork. Everything is moving in the right direction. Hopefully, the next couple of days it will get done” Arum was quoted.

Even ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose is booking for the mega-fight and cancel his Kentucky Derby plans.

Mayweather and Pacquiao were recently seen talking courtside followed by exchanging of phone numbers and a bump handshake at the Miami Heat game on Tuesday night. The accidental first meeting or a marketing ploy was followed by a private meeting between the two prominent fighters right after the game at Pacquiao’s hotel suite.

That meeting is said to be the tipping point as both Pacquaio and Mayweather has ironed out the details of the fight according to Pacquiao adviser Michael Koncz, who was present at the meeting. Two TV giant cable networks HBO and Showtime have been negotiating on what will certainly be the richest fight in boxing history. So far, all signs are pointing on same direction but no deal has been struck yet.

Pacquiao vs Mayweather tickets price could be priced at an all-time high. The top ticket at the MGM Grand Garden is expected to go for $5,000 so that the arena can be scaled to produce a $40 million live gate according to Yahoo report. The existing record gate was $20,003,150, at the MGM in 2013 by Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez. If you recalled the Mayweather vs Canelo tickets was priced at $2,000, $1,500, $1,000, $600 and $350, not including applicable service charges. The total ticket limit were 12 per person and a limit of 10 per person at the $2,000, $1,500, $1,000, $600 and $350 price levels then a limit of two per person at the $350 price level.

Pacquiao vs Mayweather tickets are currently not available online since it’s not on sale yet but you can get ticket notification by checking this link as soon as the fight will be finalized before January this month.

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