Can Manny Pacquiao beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss if Manny Pacquiao can beat Floyd Mayweather. Pacquiao beat Brandon Rios and later on Tim Bradley. Can Pacquiao-Mayweather fight happen?

Team SVA


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  • Chris Shanklin says:

    Pacquio can’t touch floyd

  • Hail Rell says:

    the best fight for floyd is pacquiao… an yes alot of people still say if
    he couldnt dominate maquez ( which he actually did just b4 hitting tht
    brick wall of a punch) tht he has no chance with mayweather….. im gonna
    tell the only reason marquez could stand with pacquiao…. one he has
    power, and I deff raised an eyebrow at his new found strength at age 40 in
    the last Pac fight….but any way, floyd is lacking in the power
    department…. so we have tht factor… I dnt think manny would have to be
    concerned with being knocked out… as he always has with marquez…. an
    second they always say pacquio will have a great problem with floyds
    counter jus because he had problems with marquez’s… I beg to differ…
    marquez is a completely different power counter puncher…. marqeuz throws
    while the oppenent is throwing their punch….. mayweather throws after the
    opponent…. marquez is willing to take to giv…. floyd is not…. plus
    pacquiao has the punch an simultaneously slip feature which floyd also
    has…. but this will make it hard for floyd to hit pacuiao if pacquiao is
    punching an simultaneously slipping all night…. floyd has to be willing
    to punch and take at the same time… an if he does tht fighting
    pacquiao…. the entire fight will look like the first few rounds of
    mayweather mosley… I’m tired of everyone saying that Pacquiao has never
    fought anyone like floyd….pacquiao is not just a brawler… when I hear
    this it makes me believe those who say it have never watched his fights…
    he is not just a brawler… he punches from so many angles…. foot wrk is
    masterful…. then add tht speed and power…….. lol im pretty sure we
    can agree tht floyd has never fought anyone like Pacquiao

  • Shubham Saxena says:

    at the beginning of both their careers floyd was superior he would have
    picked apart manny who had little defence and no right hand. In the middle
    of their careers which has been the longest part for both mens careers
    manny no questions would have beaten floyd. He was the harder hitter , he
    was equally fast and he had much better handspeed, theres no question he
    would have beaten floyd possibly even got a knockdown. Now in the latter
    stages of both mens careers manny’s knockout power and attacking surge has
    decreased greatly so although he would still give floyd a tough fight, i
    believe floyd would win quite easily because he is still at his top level
    which is amazing

  • 3FLYTE says:

    Pacquiao is too much of a risk for Mayweather and his undefeated record.

  • shogrran says:

    Stephen A does not know a lot about where Pacquiao is coming from. As a
    pinoy myself, I want Pacquiao to win against mayweather. I know Pacquiao
    could have won 3 years ago. But now I’m not too sure anymore. I say
    Pacquiao never wanted the boxing profession from the start. He was there
    because he was poor. He’s no longer poor… and I agree with the white guy
    when he said that he feels Pacquiao’s heart is no longer fully in boxing.

  • the anonymous says:

    There’s no way pacquiao will be tougher than canelo

  • Alexander Patrick says:

    i honestly don’t know who would win but it would be floyds greatest test in
    his career, that i KNOW for a FACT.

  • Tracy Mcgrady says:

    Mayweather Jr.’s terms were a bit unclear. First he wanted a specific type
    of extremely rigorous performance-enhancing drug testing. Then he wanted
    the vast majority of the fight purse. Then he wanted all of the
    pay-per-view money. Then he wanted Pac to join TMT promotion. roger
    mayweather said pac needs to beat bradley to earn a shot never ending

  • Javier Lopez says:

    Stephen loves Floyd, I mean he REALLY loves him like he would suck his
    d***k and he would be the happiest person that ever lived jaja

  • Primusbumbum says:

    What i don’t understand is, if mayweather and everybody else are so sure
    that he’s going to beat pacquiao ‘easily’, why doesn’t he just fight manny
    and be done with it? Come on, he’s apparently the best, and he can
    actually make more money than pacquiao if they fight. Floyd has nothing to
    lose, unless if he loses. Come on Floyd, fight Manny, you’re suppose to be
    the best!

  • Malo Marcel says:

    Mayweather will win easily. It wouldn’t be an entertaining fight either
    because Floyd would box from the outside with his significant reach
    advantage. Plus Floyd cares about keeping his "0" so he’ll box cautiously.
    But like Stephen A said I’m tired of talking about it. 

  • Willie HavMire says:

    So Pacquiao isn’t scare of needles anymore?

  • Enrique Morgan says:

    Floyd beat RG who the heck is he?! CA is a young unexperience boxer woth no
    stamina…Listen 3 reasons why floyd won’t fight MP speed, stamina and
    volume of nonstop punches.Point blank!

  • Alex Toledo says:

    Can Pacquiao beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

  • ESPN1stTake says:

    "Mayweather would pick Pacquiao apart." – Stephen A.

  • friendlyfire53 says:

    Floyd is a businessman, not a boxer. He won’t fight Pacquiao until the
    dude is well past his prime. Floyd is a shrewd businessman who should be
    commended for building a "boxing" legacy by strategically deciding who to
    box, and making sure they’re either well before their prime, or over the
    hump so as to appear to beat someone great. Great businessman.

  • projectdarc says:

    I agree that Pacman would’ve given Mayweather serious trouble 3 or so years
    ago. But now he’s a little washed up and Mayweather would pick him apart