Colin Cowherd Talks Johnny Manziel In His Car with Skip Bayless

This week Colin did his entire show from inside his car. In Part 2, Colin welcomes in Skip Bayless to discuss Johnny Manziels NFL future.

Team SVA


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  • Skott Walton says:

    Wow, Skip Bayless has doen it again. Annointed a QB as the best or will be
    great. Now let’s see, Tebow (enough said), RGIII total bust last year, and
    refused to support the Seahawks the year Russell Wilson won the starting QB
    job from Flynn. Now he’s pushing the Manziel. Does anyone care to guess
    what will happen next?

  • mgiedeman says:

    I only watched this to see how bad Skip’s man crush was on Johnny Football.
    Skip, do us all a favor, just stop. I don’t know, start writing obituaries
    and leave coherent and thought enticing sports analysis to a more deemable
    crowd. Johnny football = Ryan Leaf, drafters beware.

  • Jean Pierre Aboly Bi says:

    Yeah seat belt buddy !!!

  • Darius Rose says:

    I been wanting them to debate for awhile. Great segment, and I like how
    Colin translates Comedians in cars to sports analyzers in cars.

  • jarvisda says:

    Skip makes Colin look like a genius.

  • Narciso barrera says:

    Welcome to The Texans 🙂

  • megadeth232 says:

    Two biggest douchebags in sports. Colin moreso

  • YekUnit says:

    Skip gets too caught up with the hype players like Tebow praising him so
    much that he’s considered a joke now..

  • James Golden says:

    Johnny Football is a Michael Vick 2.0.

    He is gonna be fun to watch but no way does he stay healthy. 

  • TheWebHead says:

    Colin not wearing his seat belt. SCANDAL!

  • Virulent Venom says:

    Being Russell Wilson is pretty high praise.

  • Stamps600 says:

    As a Bears fan a tear falls from my eye every time someone mentions the Jay
    Cutler contract. Having a QB on the rookie salary scale is such a huge
    advantage that if you think he will be a great NFL QB you have to take him
    or trade for him if a reasonable deal presents itself.

  • Dan Bach says:

    Love these guys

  • Lawson Glenn says:

    colin cowherd is a boss. and love colins new football show. this is so

  • LakersDynasty42 says:

    6:01 – 6:03

    Colin must be thinking "how does he still have a job?"

  • shem henrichsen says:

    Of corse you can’t luck is a first ballet hof QB!!!! He just finished year
    2 yesterday!!!

  • Eron Ramadanov says:

    I like this concept. Keep it going!

  • Ferris Lind says:

    let’s rip off Jerry Seinfeld 

  • scott miles says:

    Seat belt 

  • Danny Brown says:

    I like segments like that

  • Dromado99 says:

    10/2, Colin. Also, don’t forget your seatbelt, click it or ticket!