College Football Playoff Ranking 2014: Week 16 released update

The Top 4 college football team wins in the final game of the 2014 season with each team crowned as champions in their division except TCU which share the lead with Baylor on top of the Big 12 with 8-1 record.

Now the fans are awaiting for the final College Football Playoff ranking to be released on Sunday if the top four teams last week are in. The placement is more of concern of this four teams rather than anything else. The selection committee made many eyebrows raising when they picked TCU over unbeaten Florida State at No.3 in the ranking last week.

The top three teams won the conference championship with their respective division namely Alabama (SEC), Oregon (Pac 12) and Florida State (ACC). The Crimson Tide defeats Missouri in dominant passion and more likely to retain the No.1 spot in the ranking. Oregon Ducks made a strong statement as well after dominating No.7 Arizona to win the Pac 12.

The question would be which team will take No.4 spot on Sunday as Florida State stays undefeated with 13-0 after defeating Georgia Tech to win the ACC crown for the third straight year. Conspiracy theory will surround the new College Football Rankings if TCU will stay at No.3 spot which lots of people believed belongs to the Seminoles.

Ohio State also make a strong case after soundly beating Winsconsin to win the Big Ten title crown. Baylor also win in beating No.9 ranked Kansas State.

Expected to drop in the College Football Playoff ranking are the two Wildcats – Kansas State and Arizona, Georgia Tech, Badgers, Mizzou and Sooners.

Check this page for UPDATED: College Football Playoff Ranking 2014 Week 16 released.

1. Alabama 12-1
2. Oregon 12-1
3. Florida State 13-0
4. Ohio State 12-1
5. Baylor 12-1
6. TCU 11-1
7. Mississippi State 10-2
8. Michigan State 10-2
9. Ole Miss 9-3
10. Arizona 10-3
11. Kansas State 9-3
12. Georgia Tech 10-3
13. Georgia 9-3
14. UCLA 9-3
15. Arizona State 9-3
16. Missouri 10-3
17. Clemson 9-3
18. Wisconsin 10-3
19. Auburn 8-4
20. Boise State 11-2
21. Louisville 9-3
22. Utah 8-4
23. LSU 8-4
24. USC 8-4
25. Minnesota 8-4

Ohio State will join Alabama, Oregon and Florida State in the inaugural College Football Playoff. Alabama faces Ohio State for Sugar Bowl in CFP semis while Oregon plays Florida State in Pasadena in Orange Bowl. Winners will determine which team plays for CFP Championship.

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