Croatia World Cup 2014: Road to Brazil video highlights

Croatia World Cup road to Brazil is not easy. They have some quality players but don’t have enough strength in depth to really challenge and they only just reached the World Cup finals. Croatia got here after salvaging a playoff against Iceland in the Europe World Cup qualifying. However, Croatia won’t be an easy match for anyone but even getting out of the group stage would be an achievement.

Mario Mandzukic is Croatia’s top scorer but won’t be able to play against Brazil due to serving a suspension.

Every game and goal from Croatia’s torturous road to Brazil 2014.

Team SVA


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  • Anto Catoire says:

    Best of luck Croatia. Be cheering yous on from the Emerald Isle 

  • Klementin Oroshi says:

    Croatia best Team in Europe ,,,,,,,,,,,serbs are ugly. Apes…….

  • Kale Sateza says:

    5:03 uuuuuuuu boli

  • TheErcan86 says:

    2:2 Opening match 

  • Van Nostrand says:

    Whats up guys and gals!!!!! See you at Veslo in Astoria on June 12!!!!!

  • Chien Nguyen says:

    Very entertaining goals indeed!

  • Nazareno Rossi says:

    Good luck Croatia! Argentina is with you :)

  • Van Nostrand says:


  • lapute deyoutub says:

    Simunic <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Balkan PRO gamer says:

    whats the name of song,,,GREAT video

  • don baksa says:

    5:04 razbio vas ko 91

  • don baksa says:

    Vidimo se se u brazil ! Cya in Brazil !

  • Deeper says:

    Watch my official song for World Cup and know the true Brazil you guys
    don’t Dj André Gaúcho & Deeper Nada Vai Nos Parar (World Cup Tribute)

  • Nooriel Aboab says:

    We Brazilian waiting for you Croatia – Welcome to Brazil – Our green carpet
    is already ready to party SAMBA – WE teach you how to dance Samba.

  • MadeInScotland says:

    Good luck Croatia ….from Scotland !

  • Iggsy81 says:

    bronkoghma: for some reason YouTube won’t let me reply to your comment but
    the second song is Outsight – Body in Motion

  • RollinWindy says:

    Respect, All tho I am Serbian, I can respect 100% the organization they
    have. They play excellent football, thats why a good amount of their
    players play for the biggest clubs in Europe. Definitely top 5 team. 

  • ivan mamic says:


  • Baran Deniz Ayhan says:

    John Newman-Love Me Again

  • Iggsy81 says:

    Tomi – John Newman – Love Me Again