Defending Stephen A Smith


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  • coreyologist says:

    The average negro will never wake up, and realize that these so called
    black leaders have been playing us for a fool, 

  • Carl Cleague says:

    DC… you should end your videos with "It is what you make it" ….
    this offer more of a hope for change….

  • TwltPrincess says:

    I don’t understand what was said in the first place????

  • Peak089 says:

    I really enjoy your message though . 

  • impact145 says:

    +david carroll Did you the video with micheal eric dyson and stephan
    smith? About stephan a smith agreeing with mark cuban

  • Joseph Bibbs says:

    Outstanding my friend you have hit it on the point ,again thanks David I
    really enjoy what you or doing .please continue.your fabulous

  • staninfire1 says:

    Nothing but the truth!!

  • Razzby Rawz says:

    Stephen A. Smith is right but if he spoke his honest opinions directed from
    blacks to whites he would be kicked off the show because he works for espn
    and they done it before with the other black guy who spoke about rg3

  • 411PAP says:

    Those drug dealers are referred to as hustlers that help the community.

  • mentality1122 says:

    Mike I find it troubling when every time you mention black women being the
    most educated group. I mean how does one rationalize with this when you
    look @ the negro demise in 2014. If black women were so educated shouldn’t
    they position the race @ the top of American culture? It just doesn’t make
    sense yeah we agree a large percentage went to college but when u take a
    panoramic view of the negro communities world wide it does not reflect
    this. You see Mike a lot of these women want to control & rule over men
    weather it be the hoodrat in the streets or cooperate America it makes no
    difference & they haven weaken black men to the boy toy & punk they want
    them to be. This is the reason why these brothers behave this way the
    captain saver hoes ready to defend her because she has brain wash him &
    anytime you have women leading a race it is detrimental. 

  • slayerlover222 says:

    Negroes remind me a lot of cultural Fascists in that they believe there is
    only one possible political ideology to believe in, two major religions you
    must adhere to, one possible outlook on life and society, one genre of
    music and movies you must listen to or watch, and one possible group to
    blame for all their ills. Totalitarian uniformity. Get out of line or dare
    to start thinking for yourself and Negroes will attempt to destroy your
    reputation using whatever they can, violence included. I have never seen a
    race who cannot handle others within their so-called community having a
    different opinion on any single issue, this happens in no other race in

  • CTRSarge says:

    You had me at "predominant thought pattern of the Afro American negro" well

  • msmithstud says:

    stereotypes aren’t always just stereotypes. I’ll be honest. If a group of
    arabs get on a plane with me, the thought of 911 will cross my mind. I’m
    not saying their intention is to hijack the plane, but considering almost
    all plane hijackers or terrorists are of arab descent, it’s human nature
    for the thought of terrorism to cross my mind.

  • ankokugaiBOSS says:

    defend elliot rodger

  • painlessrisen says:

    Black men like myself and David Carrol sound crazy to the average illogical
    thinking black person. I wouldn’t even call coming to the conclusion like
    Stephen A did "critical thinking". It’s pretty common sense to me. I’m
    beginning to think blacks are just acting in order to follow a flawed sense
    of logic for the hell of it. You cannot possibly be that silly to not come
    to the conclusion that Mark Cuban did.

  • Adam Cochran says:

    I grew up w blacks I considered my brothers. In my experience they agreed
    with Cuban and Stephen A. They wanted a way out of what became their
    culture, and away from the attitudes prevailing in our community of how
    they should act and be friends with. They were lambasted if they excelled
    in school as oreos, except if it was a sport. 

  • Carl Mitchell says:

    I like to thank you for opening my eyes. It in the future I will do more

  • Razzby Rawz says:

    It is what it is negro…..

  • Billy Mathews says:

    I agree with Stephen A. Smith…

  • runagate lamb says:

    So because I get nervous when I see a black person dressed in a black
    hoodie, and pants hanging off his or her butt, day or night and decide to
    cross the street, that I am a ‘sell out’? Never mind I was mudded twice at
    gunpoint by these thugs (a couple of black men and one black women each
    time). I am supposed to trust all of them? In a Brooklyn accent, GTFOFH!!!!
    (and I don’t cus) Yeah! They want that don’t they!!! PLEASE!

    The thug mentality (many black pastors have it too) it is just a criminal
    mentality. No color of skin or texture of hair is necessary. 

  • nate smith says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of these black radio show host and youtubers are trying
    to harp on this white supremacy tips. Blacks who generally don’t talk about
    these social issues. Such as Mr. Locario (who is married to a white women
    BTW), Tariq Nasheed, and others. I think it is mostly for views though. I
    recently understood why foreigners don’t respect blacks. In 10 years a
    foreigner from a poverty stricken country(i.e. Nepal) has excelled in the
    U.S while the negro basically went backwards in 20 years talking about
    white supremacy and not making any moves with ALL OF THE ADVANTAGES they

  • Derek Cinsoete says:

    I agree with you on this one.