Dr. J Lists His All-Time Top 5 NBA Players

Julius Erving joins First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless to discuss who he has as his top-5 NBA players of all time.

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  • Chris Lacy says:

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Magic Johnson
    3. Larry Bird
    4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    5. Tim Duncan

    Point Guard
    1. Magic Johnson
    2. Oscar Robertson
    3. Isiah Thomas
    4. John Stockton
    5. Bob Cousy

    Shooting Guard
    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Dwyane Wade
    4. Jerry West
    5. Allen Iverson

    Small Forward
    1. Larry Bird
    2. LeBron James
    3. John Havlicek
    4. Scottie Pippen
    5. Julius Erving

    Power Forward
    1. Tim Duncan
    2. Karl Malone
    3. Charles Barkley
    4. Kevin McHale
    5. Kevin Garnett

    1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    2. Wilt Chamberlain
    3. Bill Russell
    4. Shaquille O’Neal
    5. Hakeem Olajuwon

  • Jay Sandoval says:

    Lol wow what a hater ! .. nobody mentions Russell because he only played
    against 8 teams !! Jordan. Would have 13 rings had he played in a league
    like that ! . Jordan won 6 in a full league with a lot of physical
    competition , Not to mention all his other achievements and personal
    records that hold till this day ! .. I definitely agree with him on only 1
    player Elgin Baylor .. 

  • Avery Jackson says:

    My top Ten ‘
    1A) Magic 80’s best era in Basketball history Showtime baby !
    1) MJ Jordans team couldnt beat LA in 80’s
    2) Kareem
    3) Wilt
    4) Doctor J , Larry Bird Tied
    5) Jerry West, Bill Russell Tied
    6) Kobe
    7) Tim Duncan
    8) Oscar Robinson,
    9) Walt Frazier, Ice Man Gervin Tied
    10) Elgin Baylor
    my top ten ! 

  • Gabriel Jorge says:

    People in these comment so disrespectful…keyboard neckbeard warriors
    thinking they are better than a HOF.

  • Redster120 says:

    Watch me get a lot of hate
    Magic Johnson
    Michael Jordan
    Oscar Robertson
    LeBron James
    Larry Bird
    Hakeem Olajuwon
    Bill Russell
    Scottie Pippen
    Kobe Bryant
    Tim Duncan

  • THEJOURNEY92 says:

    Bill russel was more than the greatest player of all time,mj is a uncle tom
    and was part of the brainwashing with his sneakers but thats a whole other
    story my generation is dumb and my moms too smh

  • Andre Gordon says:

    Julius doesn’t wanna acknowledge the fact that MJ is the best even if you
    count rings. MJ is better then Russell we have to take in consideration
    bill Russell had who on his team???? 4 legends. Michael had only 3 so 

  • TheOoze06 says:

    1. Jordan
    2. LeBron
    3. Magic
    4. Kareem
    5. Duncan

  • Nick Andrews says:

    (My era)
    1. Mj

  • BillyJackSoupy says:


  • Proper Chuffed says:

    Rings + Finals MVPS + season MVPS
    Only players who have won atleast one of each award make this list:

    1) Jordan 17
    2) Jabbar 14
    3) Magic 11
    4) Duncan 10
    5) Bird 8
    6) Kobe 8
    7) LeBron 8
    8) Shaq 8
    9) Wilt 6
    10) Moses Malone 5
    t-10) Willis Reed 5

  • ChicagoMade (TM3) says:

    1 Jordan
    2 Kareem
    3 Kobe
    4 Wilt
    5 Magic.

  • Andrés Vélez says:

    Top 3
    The rest is not even close.
    End of the story

  • bdiddy2k6 says:

    Top ten of all time
    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Magic Johnson
    3.Oscar Robertson
    4.Larry Bird
    5.Bill Russell
    6. Hakeem Olajuwon
    7. Lebron James
    8. Being from Chicago I hate to say it Isiah Thomas
    9. Kobe Bryant
    10. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  • MrBrunoTheBest says:

    Michael Jordan
    Shaquille O’Neal
    Magic Johnson
    Lebron James
    Hakeem Olajuwon

  • Darius King says:

    1. Kobe/MJ – What Kobe lacks in defense (even tho he is very underrated in
    that category) MJ makes up for. And what MJ lacks in offense, Kobe made up

    2. Larry Bird

    3. Bill Russell

    4. Magic

    5. Kareem

    This is based off individual talent 1on1.. Now 5on5

    1. MJ
    2. Kobe
    3. Larry
    4. Lebron
    5. Magic

    Oh and it’s crazy how everybody knows that Kobe is basically the modern day
    MJ but refuse to put him in the top just bc of hate even tho MJ himself
    said that the only player that would beat him is KOBE. Give respect where
    respect is due


  • Cocheese45 says:

    I lost all respect for Dr. J. He just doesn’t wanna say it. MJ was 6 for 6
    in the most competitive era and was the most dominant and had to be the #1
    option every year, unlike Russell. Unlike Kareem. Unlike those other guys
    like Satch, etc.

  • MrTorsation476858 says:

    Listen the difference between 95% of us comment section and Dr. J, is that
    Dr. J has seen it all, past and present. So he basically has the best list
    out of all of ours, maybe excluding Wilt for Shaq, but that’s pretty much
    it. He could’ve put Jordan, Magic, Shaq and etc stars in his list, even
    stars of today cause he’s seen it all, a whole 50+ years of basketball. So
    his list is valid no matters what all of yours is. But if I were to do my
    own team, this would be the best in my OPINION. This is it.
    PG – Magic
    SG – MJ
    SF – Bird
    PF – Duncan
    C – Shaq
    6th Man – LeBron
    7th – Olajuwon
    8th – Oscar
    9th – Russell
    10th – Kobe
    11th – Durant
    12th – Baylor

  • Destiny Da Vinci says:

    I don’t care what era or if a player has 11 rings (no disrespect to Bill)
    but Michael Jordan was and is and will always be the greatest player of all

  • WestSideFlight says:

    It’s so hard to compare great players because they played in different
    era’s who knows what LeBron would of done in the 80’s-90’s, Who knows what
    MJ would do today, who knows what Bird/Magic would of done in the 60’s. We
    don’t know what they would of done because every decade the game changes
    2000’s+ Is much more athletic, 80’s/90’s were more brutal and more in the
    post. 60’s/70’s there was no 3 point line. 

  • Caleb Owens says:

    1: MJ
    2: Magic
    3: LeBron+Larry
    4: Kareem
    5: The Doctor