Duncan: "We Have Four More (Games) to Win…"

First Takes Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith predict who they have winning the NBA Finals.

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  • Sam Alexander says:

    Since the format is now 2-2-1-1-1, the Heat close it out in Game 6 and win
    the title at home just like the last two years. Heat 4-2.

  • ESPN1stTake says:

    "I’m so sorry that the old, boring, un-athletic, San Antonio Spurs are
    going to ruin your NBA finals again. " – Skip

  • LakersDynasty42 says:

    I think LeBron will struggle to score the ball like he did last year but
    will ultimately play great towards the end of the series. He’s frustrating
    to watch because he’s not as aggressive as you’d like him to be all the
    time but you know he’s too talented to be counted out. With D-Wade healthy
    going into the series Miami has the upper hand but I’d like to see Duncan
    win one more before he retires.

    Can’t wait for this series to start. Stephen A got me even more excited
    after watching this!

  • K Hall says:

    Steven A DOES NOT watch the Spurs play. He said the same thing about MVP
    Kevin Durant, and where is he now? America is ignorant to the Spurs,
    because everybody is up Lebrons azz

  • friendlyfire53 says:

    Lebron James wants absolutely no part of what took place in these Western
    Conference playoffs. This dude wants the easy path, which is exactly why
    he took about a $50m pay cut over the past 4 years. I suppose you can
    praise him for being willing to sacrifice, but I won’t praise him with
    being on the "NBA Mt Rushmore," and I sure as hell won’t praise him by
    calling him the GOAT. People will argue, "The Celtics took him to 7 games
    and he played huge!!" The Celtics should have never been able to push the
    Heat that far, and Lebron was no where to be found for most of that
    series. ESPN keeps shoving him down our throats because they need "the
    next MJ."

  • TheStrangerWithCandy says:

    Lebron is going to be 2-4 in the finals book it!

  • pager693 says:

    Spurs in 6, versatility wins championships. 

  • Daniel Hursey says:

    the heat chasing history . something duncan never did or mj 4 finals in
    a row and three peat glad parker hurt lol 

  • xMcSwaggx says:

    how come first take doesn’t talk about hockey

  • Cocheese45 says:

    LeBron is the GFOAT: Greatest flopper of all time.

  • Chill ill says:

    Lebron is the SGOAT the second greatest of all time he had his shot at GOAT
    but the 2011 finals will never be forgotten 

  • bull fighter says:

    Miami is winning in 6. The way Bosh has been playing the last two games (20
    and 10, 25 and 8) the Heat are going to be unstoppable 

  • rasenganb41 says:

    spurs are determined they will win.

  • GodsLoyalSon says:

    If the Heat win just one game at San Antonio, they will win the series.
    Miami is very hard to beat at home, I should know because I work at the AA
    Arena, and they typically don’t let times shut them out at home. I’m going
    with the series closing out by Game Six with the heat getting their third

  • xBunnyRabbitx1 says:

    Gonna be a tough one but here is why Miami will win. Lebron is playing like
    he always does, we all know that he is the best player in the world. But
    the icing on the cake is D-Wade a.k.a The Flash a.k.a Vintage Wade is back!
    Chris bosh looks like Toronto’s Chris Bosh averaging 24-25 and 10! If Wade
    and Bosh can play like they did in the ECF the Miami Heat will defeat the
    San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals! Not only to mention Miami has more
    depth and consistency on their bench then the Spurs do! Going to be an epic
    series! Lebron and T-Duncan are tied 1-1 against each other in the Finals,
    here is the tie breaker! Basketball fans you have to be excited! 

  • Ya bish says:

    miami in 5, watch

  • PaPi Chulo says:

    The spurs are not beating the GOAT. Lebron will finish the spurs and

  • Redster120 says:

    Skip is such a homer.