Dwight Howard ATTACKS Skip Bayless on ESPN First Take

Dwight Howard ATTACKS Skip Bayless on ESPN First Take Dwight Howard ATTACKS Skip Bayless on ESPN First Take.

Team SVA


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  • XxCaveman17xX says:

    Lol look at him now, 6-9 I fourth quarter of game 6, or something like
    that. 12 straight points at one point in the quarter

  • Luis Diaz says:

    Why these two losers still have a job ill never know.

  • Ace Solomon says:

    Skip speaks like a moron, but when it comes to making prediction, he’s a

  • Andres Flores says:

    With Skip on this one!

  • Pavlos Manoleas says:

    OH WOW SKIP, you played basketball in the 12th

  • Christopher Laporga says:

    Skip was 100% correct.

  • Ricky Fartin says:

    skip was right all along

  • Kim Bheazley says:

    skip is a full blown retard. he doesnt deserve any credit for guessing the
    lakers would have a poor season.

  • louigel017 says:

    Skip was right and totally predicted everything, that season was disaster
    for howard and the lakers

  • joydivsion77 says:

    Skip is a better free throw shooter than Dwight.

  • massacrewhite says:

    that true who cares, skip cried when he played high school, the coach
    didn’t want him to shoot the ball LOL

  • xmortale says:

    Well he nailed the free throws in the fourth quarter issue

  • Berkeclor92 says:

    skip is right

  • Bobby Taylor says:

    skip is fool

  • Ronnie Boyd says:

    Yea he is immature and over playful aka childish, never knows when to be
    serious, I would say the best big man is probably either Tim Duncan cause
    he plays both Forward and Center, or Hibbert on Pacers cause he showed out
    this year when needed, or Deandre Jordan…..

  • MRLANE713 says:

    *Not harden I mean Howard.

  • NeoLegendX says:

    lets say the hype of D12 is 100%, he has only lived up to 50% of it

  • GuyWhoPlaysMadden says:

    2:25, wow he hit it

  • Goat Boat says:

    HA! The lakers thot they were gonna b somebody this year! It’s just too bad
    Dwight Coward can’t handle criticism and pressure like LeTwotime Champ!

  • Andre Bennett says:

    nope keep it up