ESPN First Take | Donald Sterling sells Clippers for $2 Billion dollars

Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless discuss Donald Sterling selling the Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. **Extra Tags, Please Ignore** NBA Highlights…

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  • MrDoug1986 says:

    I have a real question though. Does is the $2B just to buy the team or does
    the 2 billion cover e expenses of the team such as payroll for the staff,
    coaches, and players? I never knew how that part of ownership work. Because
    to me it’s like buying a new car paying cash and it’s paid for but you
    still have to pay to keep up the maintenance. Is it a package deal or two
    separate expenses?

  • iMixMaSteR1 says:

    Clippers headed back to Microsoft land in Washington.

  • spd89 says:

    I would like to see the vote go down before the team is officially sold
    just to see what the owners do.

  • salacrenan says:

    Magic is crying inside

  • NeoLegendX says:

    finally, we can move on from Sterling

  • Aces Njie says:

    What happened to the woman. Did she get fired?