ESPN First Take Podcast, Friday 23rd May 2014

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debate with Michael Eric Dyson regarding Mark Cuban’s comments on the evolution of race relations in America.

Podcast Content:
0:40 What’s your take on Mark Cuban’s apology to the Martin family ?
9:45 What was the reaction that Stephen A Smith got on his opinion ?
27:40 On a scale of 1-10 what are the chances of the Pacers winning game 3 ?
33:00 On a scale of 1-10 what are the chances of the Thunder winning game 3 ?
39:44 Who’s side are you on, Richard Sherman or Patrick Peterson ?
51:02 GUEST Michael Eric Dyson
Opinion on Mark Cuban’s comments, and Stephen A’s comments
1:30:34 Donald Sterling reportedly hands control of LA Clippers to wife

Team SVA


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  • drkInxgud says:

    how can a cover 3 corner be a "shut down" corner?

  • Omar says:

    @ Josh Bastard he don’t feel comfortable in Idaho because its nothing i
    mean nothing like NYC and u know would not fit in

  • SLIP NORRIS says:

    Black people flipped out when Stephen A agreed with Cuban. Stephen A thinks
    things out before saying things. I think more people should do the same,
    especially black people. Stephen A has been animate about denouncing
    Sterling. Racism or bigotry always seems to evoke to much emotion. It’s
    time for people to learn how to think and speak about these subjects
    without automatically making this a are you either with us or against us
    (sellout) type nomenclature. I feel bad for Stephen A for all these people
    calling him out. I think he articulated his position thoroughly with his

  • BLITZ1993 says:

    Stephen A Smith is awesome.

  • Fenny Famous says:

    Stephen A Smith killed Dyson amazing 

  • jason roggasch says:

    Steve loves rich people thats all. He believes money is the most important
    thing that exists. Next

  • Josh Brastad says:

    Why Stephen A feel uncomfortable walking around a place like Idaho?!
    Really? Just because there isn’t a large black population there, doesn’t
    mean there’s alot of racism and hostility. WA, where I live is its close
    neighbor, and trust me, its very diverse and progressive. Even though those
    southern states (like Miss) have a large black population, he’s got a point
    there…when I lived in Georgia 15 years ago, it still felt segregated to
    me in many ways.

  • riotmaker7771 says:

    If the pacers were in the west they would have lost first round playing
    against anyone from dallas to golden state to memphis the east was to easy
    this year

  • Levan Aroshidze says:

    thanks Max!

  • Kemet King says:

    Mchael Eric Dyson is the MAN!

  • alberto navas says:

    Steven a smiths comments were on POINT!!!

  • Brittany morales says:

    Are racists THEMSELVES! 

  • Brittany morales says:

    How the hell are black ppl saying that a bald white guy with tattoos are
    more dangerous and harmful than a black guy with a hoodie? I’m not talking
    about tray on Martin he was a kid and was doing nothing wrong. I understand
    that not EVERY black person with a hoodie is bad but the Majority of them
    are! Where I live I have to cross the street or go around a black person
    with a hoodie because they’re ghetto. I also do it with white ppl but
    that’s not as much. The black community need to acknowledge that they are
    all NOT victims of rwhen the majority of them 

  • Mo Lim says:

    Got a lot of respect for smith.. He’s not bias and tells you things others
    are afraid to tell you…

  • Tierra Bishop says:

    Thanks Max

  • Mike Navarro says:

    I always Liked Stephen A. Smith, but this just made me love this guy. He
    talks about my teams in a bad way, but he speaks the truth. 

  • Sean Biller says:

    Stephen A Smith – that was great 

  • hank swank says:

    Deport negro homo

  • Jeremiah Nunes says:

    Max……………………YOU DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jcamp1998 says:

    Watching this on my TV I got tired of the Mark Cuban debate, so i’m gonna
    just listen to the rest of the show on here, thx max!