ESPN First Take | How terrible were the NY Knicks playing against LA Lakers?

Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless discuss how terrible the New York Knicks in their loss against the Los Angeles Lakers. How bad was it, really?

Team SVA


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  • Shane Barraza says:

    Funny part is that the Knicks might still make it to the playoffs lol

  • MegaWoogster says:

    Stephen A. Smith so emotional starting 1:07

  • Trevor Bertin says:

    If u PAY a fella enuff, he will be a huge knicks fan. Most these guys fake
    as can be. Skip too

  • Christophe Tam says:

    lmmmaaaaooo THESE LAKERS

  • Lucky Adamson says:

    wait hold up….when where the knicks a contender? Patrick Ewing isn’t
    walking thru those doors, New York WAKE THE HELL UP. I’m just here to hear
    Skip TALK THAT SH*T 

  • Seracen says:

    As a Hawks fan, even I would like to see the Knicks capture the 8th Seed.
    Let’s face it, both teams are pretty much done this season, but at least
    ‘Mello can show off a bit in the playoffs.

    Hawks have too many injuries to do the same, then again, I would have said
    the same of the Bulls earlier in the season. Although I imagine it’s all
    moot, as IIRC, neither NY nor ATL have decent picks, regardless of a
    playoff appearance.

  • Hyung Joo says:

    Stephen A Smith doesn’t seem like a true Knicks fan. Why does he appear so
    fake to me, as if he’s trying sooo hard as to come out looking like the
    biggest Knicks fan of ever… He ain’t Spike Lee. He just appears sooo

  • DaveFreezeTV23 says:

    As a Knick fan why did we resign JR Smith? He’s making big money and he
    shows up every other game.

  • TheStefutz says:

    This shows you how important good management is.

  • XxGreymoonxX says:

    4:44 expresses perfectly how the knicks season has been

  • suparsteve123 says:


  • youngnebula187 says:

    Other than having An Pg that can get players easy looks (other than melo in
    iso mode) other teams are playing better and if Xavier Henry was Healthy
    for the whole Lakers season I feel the Lakers would had been an way better
    team ! for the season

  • PhilipTheBigOne says:

    Poor Stephen A… Poor Stephen A… His team has been SOOO bad this year,
    poor guy can’t take it anymore!!!

  • iancbaja says:

    That’s true LOVE for his team. Respect Stephen A.

  • Nhia Lo says:

    they need to mute carries mic all she does is just laugh and say uh huh.

  • thessminojohnson says:

    ZA-VEE-AY Henry

  • kbdemonbain says:

    i am a lakers fan and i can’t believe what i saw lol

  • Sean Grey says:


  • DeShawn jones says:

    Just fire everybody and make them fly commercial haha

  • gio4rmlawood says:

    I love it hahahaha Melo get out of town n come to la :)

  • Diogo Costa says:

    He was almost crying

  • Adolphus Sudar says:

    Best Knick rant EVER

  • grind-university says:

    Is Stephen A crying?