ESPN First Take | Indiana Pacers on a downward spiral?

Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless discuss if the Indiana Pacers are on a downward spiral following their loss to the San Antonio Spurs.

Team SVA


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  • purelystellar0824 says:

    Lost to Raptors without Lowry&Johnson…

  • max Ed says:

    No leadership, no cohesiveness, no ball movement, no ball handlers and Paul
    George thinks he’s better on offense than he really his, much like Granger
    use to be. Same goes for Stevenson. They have no prayer without home court.

  • pimpinnevaslipin says:

    Shouldn’t of got rid of *Danny Granger* and *Dj Augustin*. . .

    Yes i know Granger is hurt. . but its nothing crazy serious. . he will
    recover and go back to scoring. . by playoffs for the Clippers, but for a
    fact next season also. . .

    But. . for Andrew B.. . will still be hurt this year and next year. . and
    just be a waste. . he haven’t produced any good numbers since the Lakers
    seasons. . and even then he wasn’t "all that"

  • Greg Santana says:

    They only concentrate on beating Miami, but Indiana forgot they have the
    whole league to take care of

  • Jeremiah Greenwood says:

    indiana only gets up for miami but they hve to remember they hve ti get by
    2 teams b4 they even get to miami ne how indy gets upseted (lol made up
    word shh) im not watching playoffs unless spurs or my gs make finals

  • BAKJVChristian says:

    Thank you for uploading these videos. they’re always longer than the ones
    on the first take channel (about the same topic).

  • PaullHutchh says:

    Spurs are too smart. They know exactly what they’re doing. Thank you skip
    for that fun fact 6:23

  • Ronald Valdes says:

    Sucks …I really hope they get there act together and play ball..I don’t
    want a boring eastern conference. 

  • Ronald Valdes says:

    Sucks …I really hope they get there act together and play ball..I don’t
    want a boring eastern conference. 

  • Punch Line says:

    I think its the system that Chicago has that is getting the best out of DJ.
    When CJ was with Chicago he played well also. Indiana is getting the best
    out of their PG’s
    punchline SO APPALLED

  • Matt65422 says:

    Wow, never thought Indiana would callapse like this. They went from best
    challenge to the Heat, to losing to the Bobcats.

  • kbdemonbain says:

    well now the only threat to the heat out east is just fallen off the map
    unless they can pull it together for playoff time. and unless the spurs get
    to the finals the heat will be able to win this nba championship sleep
    walking really

  • Willthaprince says:

    Skip said he hopes to break 80 in golf?? The lower the score the better not
    higher lol

  • yagimaynee says:

    i think somebody like ty lawson would fit in perfect on the pacers but the
    caps an issue obviously

  • Shan Lo says:

    If this keeps up, Pacers won’t be even getting to ECF, and possibly being
    knocked out at the first round honestly…

  • yagimaynee says:

    they’re at .500 since they traded granger. i think he was more important
    than they thought

  • Chuck Norris says:

    Paul george is their number 1 option…. They will be lucky to make the ECF

  • Chuck Norris says: