Espn First Take – Jr Smith Talks New York Knicks

Team SVA


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  • Drew Anthony says:

    Theres no way this guy shouldnt be averaging at least 20ppg

  • j jac says:

    Jr got his teeth fixs thts y he sounds lik tht .. he cnt move his upper lip
    to speak properly

  • LookAWildBatman says:

    hahaha why everyone saying he high, Jr always be talking in slow mo

  • Hollis2Hollywood says:

    Tyson Chandler didn’t quit on the team. He’s just always been a bum and
    these so called "analysts" are just realizing it. I told ppl the moment we
    signed Chandler that he was grossly overrated. He got the unjust DPOY award
    and it snowballed form there. As bad as he was last season, if you look at
    his numbers, they’re not that far off from is normal numbers. Also, if you
    look at the #’s, in all but one season Chandler’s stats have dropped
    dramatically from regular season to post season. He’s just not very good.
    Just like Kendrick Perkins, he was lucky enough to be on a championship
    team and got overrated and overpaid because of it. 

  • Striker1A says:

    Nice good job. I think J.R will have a good year because he wants to opt
    out of his current contract. He is bad for the triangle however, because he
    is a shoot first guard. I think in the long run Tim Jr. is better for the
    team as a starter.

  • Musikandme11 says:

    Jr been talking like his nose blocked tho thats nothing new.. i hope he
    start this year

  • Brian Vandiver says:

    My favorite player in the NBA 

  • tomazas08 says:

    is he high or he just talks like super slow motion everytime?

  • Damian Clark says:

    I like how Jr said he wasn’t going to make excuses, then started talking
    about his knees. 

  • Mannyisdatnigga says:

    J.R Spliff in the house!!! Lol

  • justin chen says:

    he always high af

  • Antbeast23 says:

    I like jr smith but he high lol

  • Coty Ford says:

    I don’t keep up with the Knicks but does J.R always talk like he just
    smoked a bowl?

  • MrYoohoo77 says:

    the brotha can’t talk

  • Mieco Townsend says:

    Jr I believe in you , you will bounce back

  • swagnificant22 says:

    My boy Jr lets take it this year !!!!

  • BluffIzLegit says:

    He’s high af lmao

  • Espn First Take says: