ESPN First Take | Lance Stephenson blows in LeBron James’ ear during Game 5

Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless discuss Lance Stephenson blowing in LeBron James ear during the stoppage in Game 5. **Extra Tags, Please Ignore** NBA Highlights…

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  • LeBron James says:


  • Larry love says:

    lance and west are the only players that showed up to play for the pacers

  • Jam Chua says:

    i give high fives to my opponents when they score when we ball just to mess
    with them. this is nothing.

  • MrGrapejello says:

    skip " close game" lol

  • Tesla Fan says:

    bosh lying

  • Gustavo Antonetti says:

    incredible comments by both Skip and Stephen A. If you follow their logic,
    then the NBA should get rid of penalties for flopping and should just let
    players do whatever they need to win. Very stupid comments to put it
    bluntly. I’m disappointed in both of them. I declare myself more interested
    in seeing true quality basketball and letting the best team win. Pure and

  • Shawn Does says:

    Lmao "what else can he do???" For real though. 

  • tony winter says:

    Lol…I, for one, can’t wait to see what Stephenson does next!

  • Paul de Gelder says:

    Stephan A sure hates white athletes. 

  • Junice Williams says:

    Still wanna see if it goes to 7 can Pacers pull it off, I’M no fool just
    wishful thinking

  • Lmoney86 says:

    Lance sparked the run and shut LeBron down , he should have a licence to do
    whatever he wants as long as he’s not hurting anyone.
    When did Larry Bird become the Heats #1 fan?

  • Flo Johnson says:

    Skip a damn hater

  • NeoLegendX says:

    every time George has a great game thay say he has finally arived.
    They should have kept bynum, cant be worse then roy

  • mEsSedUPnSmOkEd says:

    Thanks for this

  • SHELLAC85 says:

    Fair play for uploading all of these videos man, I check in everyday from
    Ireland to hear this stuff. 

  • Warrior East says:

    i don’t want heat to win the series but its pretty much over. lebron had
    less than 10 points and they still almost won

  • Gee Kuis says:

    I’m just waiting for the Miami Cheats 3 peat to be stopped. And then my new
    goal is to wait for all the clutch highlights the Black Mamba will do next

  • Gee Kuis says:

    Finally deadliest is back!

  • maxgamer988 says:

    Heat lost because of terrible refing