ESPN First Take | LeBron James should have played through cramps?

Stephen A. Smith, Chris Broussard and Skip Bayless discuss if LeBron James should have remained in the game despite having severe cramping.

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  • sneakerviewsonfeet X says:

    skip bayless shouldnt be talking about sports 

  • Keith Marcus says:

    Kobe was hurt twice but he stayed in the game until he ultimately had a
    torn achilles.

  • Stephen2346 says:

    lol stephen a is a heel in san antonio!

  • kathy kelly says:

    jordan didn’t have the flu, it was food poisoning, bad Utah Pizza

  • Keith Dotson says:

    Bayless skip the subject when talking about D Wade being hurt last year.

  • reggmeister23 says:

    Miami’s entire training staff should be fired. And lebron needs to accept
    some of the rational criticism as well because he should know his body and
    how it reacts at this point. I don’t know what Miami’s training staff gets
    paid for. Iman shumpert of the Knicks had severe cramps during his first
    two seasons. What did the Knicks training staff do after that point? They
    made sure to provide him with a plate of melons to eat before every game.
    That’s what a professional training staff should be doing along with making
    sure lebron gulps down Gatorade or powerade non stop during the game. Once
    again, it’s the training camps fault. Lebron should not get any criticism
    for not playing because cramps can get so bad to the point where it can
    shut your whole body down and paralyze you.

  • Sugene says:

    lol bruce bowen at the end

  • Ahnold Short says:

    So much irregular cramping in normal conditions, reminds me of the
    nfl….where ped’s are the standard

  • indynator says:

    dude, i’m not a lebron bandwagoner as i suppor the bulls and i play soccer.
    But this one time in a match, i extended my leg and the defender kicked it
    while going for the ball and i got a serious cramp injury. I went to the
    doctor and he said i was out for 2-3 months. My leg was cramped 2 months
    where i couldn’t change my leg’s position. I was basically walking like a
    penguin. After about 6 weeks the pain started fading so i could move my leg
    again. So I support lebron and chris and steven’s opinion that he couldn’t
    have played through it.

  • boredror says:

    it’s should have not should of

  • Vince Carter says:

    I love this Show lol