ESPN First Take | Michael Vick signs with New York Jets

Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless discuss Michael Vick heading to the New York Jets, signing a 1-year $5M deal. Shoul Geno Smith be worried about his positio…

Team SVA


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  • Jack Wagon says:

    I wouldn’t draft that dog killing Negro

  • mike war says:

    lets go VICK!!! Philyy all day…FREE IVERSON….BRING’EM BACK!!!

  • Dmgolfer22 says:

    michael vick is going to look SOOOO much better in training camp than
    Geno…there’s no way geno beats him out

  • Andrew Esposito says:

    These guys are evaluating Michael Vick from 10 years ago. Hasn’t won a
    playoff game since 2004. Is now a turnover machine. Brittle as can be.
    Can’t run like he used to. 

  • iMixMaSteR1 says:

    Vick sucks which makes him a perfect fit for the Jets.