ESPN First Take Podcast, Thursday 22nd May 2014

The May 22 edition of ESPN First Take tackles more on Mark Cuban comments on prejudice on race issues. Stephen A. Smith believed the is ho harm on Cuban comments. Check the podcast out.

Podcast contents:
0:50 Do you think the series is over ?
15:50 Is this a bad sign for the Oklahoma Thunder ?
24:00 Your reaction to Mark Cuban’s comments ?
39:00 What do you make of how the Cleveland Browns are treating Johnny Manziel ?
52:35 How many quarterbacks would you put ahead of Tony Romo ?
1:02:07 More opinions on Mark Cuban’s comments ?
1:19:18 Who is the better running back, Adrian Peterson or LeSean McCoy ?
1:22:25 What do you make of Suh’s comments ?

Team SVA


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  • Khalid Benkhadra says:

    Thanks, Merci, Gracias, Danke…

  • jobezg says:

    These playoffs really made me miss having Kobe Bryant at full strength.
    You sometimes don’t really know what you have until it’s gone…or almost
    gone in his case.

  • Luyanda Mazwi says:

    allow me to b the first 2 thank u from africa max …………. THANX

  • Peter Bao says:

    Thx Max. Truly 

  • Jeremiah Nunes says:

    Max God Bless you…………..You the man!!!!

  • Ayo Salawu says:

    OKC got destroyed last night. Looks like it will be another Heat vs Spurs

  • Max - ESPN First Take says: