Espn First Take, Tuesday 15th July 2014

Live from Los Angeles, Skip Bayless & Stephen A. Smith welcome Guy Torry, Steve Alford, Demarco Murray, Bobby Wagner, Brandon Flowers, Jesse Williams and JB Smoove. 2:10 More valuable player,…

Team SVA


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  • thebeast12333 says:

    love or wiggins is that even a debate? haha stephen a is right people need
    to be drug tested if they would take wiggins over love 

  • MrGemini0506 says:

    Really impressed with Anthony Bennett’s improvement. This Kevin Love talk
    will very soon fizzle. Can’t wait to see Kyrie, LeBron, Bennett and
    Wiggins on the floor at the same time.

  • David McIntyre says:

    Can’t wait for Stephen A and JR Smith tomorrow.

  • Rainier Sidoo says:

    Skip talking so much trash. K Love not a star? Are you outta your god damn

  • iAmJaybuggz says:

    Wait untill free agency next year and then make your run at K Love

  • ToneEsco says:

    I hope Andrew Wiggins become a instant star because people talking down
    already he need to show them something 

  • ToneEsco says:

    I wouldn’t give up Wiggins either cause u can give them two other players
    and a couple draft picks and the should be happy with that either way he
    gone be gone 

  • A$VP da_don_lennon says:

    is that even a question kevin love or wiggins cuz Klove is the best PF in
    the nba 26 an 12 all i gotta say

  • Humza T king says:

    Love this show 

  • xXxDeWxXx says:

    Come get some Flowers. The Chiefs are not scared at all.

  • Josh Brastad says:

    Is it just me, or does it seem like every Cowboy they have guest on this
    show is reading from a teleprompter prewritten by the Jones organization

  • Lorenzo Bryant says:

    Stephen A is the best at bashing the Cowboys lmao.

  • Marcel West-Bailey says:

    I just found this channel. Dude you provide a service to the nation posting
    these. Sub for you.

  • singingchef23 says:

    Love has a few injuries that seem to keep him from being elite, if he can
    just go a season or two playing at least 75 games, people will see his

  • Max - ESPN First Take says: