Espn First Take, Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debate if the Pacers are back to their winning ways, the Bulls chances down 0-2, and Albert Pujols place in history. 1:29 …

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  • Darius Valentine says:

    Tim "Legs" you’re an idiot! Looking at the stats sheet and you’re telling
    me a team out rebounds you by 20 and its completely irrelevant? you
    obviously know nothing about basketball. I laugh hard!!!

  • Ubangi_Shmelvin25 says:

    Max, you know we love you bro and appreciate you for bringing all these
    podcasts to us…but these last few ones have been almost unbearable to
    listen to. First it was weird crackling and glitchy noises (less noticeable
    in the last 2 or 3 vids, but still there), and now the last few videos have
    had momentary stops and pauses during the commentary, and the commentary
    sometimes gets jumbled and awkwardly cutoff briefly. There’s also two ads
    on the video instead of the one. What do you think is causing this? Not
    bashing or trashing you or anything like that. I’m just curious, because
    maybe if we knew the problem, people in the comments section might have a
    solution for it.

  • Andre Andre.thomas847 says:

    Where IS the new audio

  • hank swank says:

    Yo for real doe maxy yous about to get wreaked soon. MARK MY DAMN WORDS

  • The Beatbox Champ says:

    Is this the chopped and screwed version

  • Max - ESPN First Take says:

    I am aware of the problems on this video, i am uploading a fixed version as
    we speak so you can wait and hear it properly in a bit

  • Kimontae Martin says:

    Max, the audio keeps stopping and starting back .. 

  • Subzero says:

    thanks max

  • TrowaPX says:

    No offense Max but the audio quality is pretty awful on this video. Lots of
    ambient static in the background. Im listening on a headset but even so it
    would be nice if you can resolve that int the future.

  • Kogarasumaru says:

    First!, btw great vid keep up the great work!

  • Max - ESPN First Take says: