Espn First Take, Wednesday 28th May 2014

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debate if Russell Westbrook or Kevin Durant is more important for the Thunder and how much faith Skip still has in his Spurs. 0:40 On a scale of 1-10 how…

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  • Josh Brastad says:

    Why should I think Cuban won’t be voting "YES" to let Donald Sterling keep
    his team ?

  • jason roggasch says:

    If Russ plays like he did last night. The Heat could be in trouble.

  • zabbok says:

    Max is a boss.

  • jason roggasch says:

    The Spurs have to address their AGE.

  • Gee Kuis says:

    This person knows what they’re talking about. I’ve been at a stand point
    here. I want the MVP to go the finals, but even with KD being my favorite
    player, i have to much respect for Tim Duncan and i would love for him to
    go out with a ring. Because the Finals are basically like this: OKC can
    beat Spurs, but the Spurs are the only people who can beat the HEAT. Truth
    be told, the Spurs don’t play two man basketball… Which is why the HEAT
    do a good job playing OKC. So the Miami Cheat are just having a free

  • kd dabomb says:

    thank you max!!!!

  • Max - ESPN First Take says: