Espn First Take, Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debate the state of golf with Tiger Woods sidelined. Plus they debate the impact of DeSean Jackson signing with Washington….

Team SVA


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  • ASAP ShanK says:

    The Cavs are only 2 games out of the playoffs!!!

  • iiyah pollard says:

    Thanks max

  • Jesse N says:

    0:02:00 What do you mean you don’t buy into them being thankful for the
    money they are getting Stephen A.? These guys make millions to play a game.
    Most people will barely see a fraction of that their whole lives. The pats
    say take it or leave it.

  • XXXXcorndog6894XXXX says:

    Thanks for everything you do, Max!

  • Evan Gill says:

    Thanks for uploading

  • Reggae Fan says:

    Atlanta is Chocolate City not DC. 

  • jthompson1906 says:

    Thanks Max

  • thekiddsean330 says:

    yeah thanks max

  • Jeff Smith says:

    Thank you for uploading first take every day

  • Max - ESPN First Take says: