ESPN First Take | Will the Miami Heat win #1 spot in the Eastern Conference?

Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless discuss the Miami Heat being one game behind the Indiana Pacers for the #1 spot in the Eastern Conference.

Team SVA


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  • Jonathan Lim says:

    The Heat is now no. 1 . Enough said. Pacers going down ! :)

  • Megadondada says:

    I used to like the Pacers, but they played dirty against the Heat. It felt
    like they were trying to injure Rio or LBJ especially. Specifically, Lance
    Stephenson as good as he can be, is a dirty player. 

  • Jack J says:

    ‘ I don’t do small time games anymore’ man got swagger

  • whydouneedakno says:

    Skip is a big time bandwagoner… Says he is a Spurs fan yet never talks
    about them

  • Qiaodan Limsanity says:

    Ref always favor the pacers in Indy thats why they believe that the only
    thing to beat the heat is to have the home court advantage! 

  • danimalplanimal says:

    heat got pwned

  • Eric Stutzman says:

    Cant wait until these two go at it in the playoffs.Should be one for the

  • DIABLOWHO says:

    Welp so much for a big game from George lol…hes playin basuda.

  • kyong seo says:

    98-94 Heat WIN; LBJ 35-10-10. We need the CAVS lebron to show up where he
    was literally all over the place b/c he had no one. If he plays at that
    intensity whilst everyone else does their thing, we should "witness" king
    james tonight

  • WorstGamerEverTV says:

    LeBron is going for 40+pts 12reb 5ast

  • T Angelio says:


  • Freddie Mack says:

    LeBron James is about to destroy the Pacers 35 10 9 

  • Artur Cheprov says:

    +DeadliestArt man I just wanna say thank you for your uploads! Glad
    everytime i see your videos on my timeline