ESPN First Take’s Stephen A Smith reacts to Lebron James going back to Cavaliers

ESPN Lebron James signs with Cleveland Cavaliers Reaction. Sorry about the quality.

Team SVA


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  • Jerry Teo says:

    Miami Heat will win NBA finals next season!!!!!! LOL

  • ros1tony says:

    James is a coward… he left the cavs because he couldn’t win without a
    great supporting caste, now he is going back because they have a bunch of
    talent. Jordan won with luc Longley… luc longly. c’on.

  • Joseph Martinez says:

    Smith talks and I truly believe that half the stuff he says he doesn’t know
    what he’s talking about he just tries to sound like he does. Screw Stephen
    A. one of the worst guys on ESPN. 

  • T1memaster says:

    The MIAMI CHEAT are done. Watch the bandwagon fans now

  • Lift1One says:

    At the end of the day Riley treated LeBron like a red headed step child
    while coddling Wade and allowing Wade to run amuck in the franchise. Wade
    became Mr "PTO" and was allowed to take days off whenever he felt like it
    and LeBron was told at the 11th hour many times that Wade wasn’t playing in
    the up coming game even though the entire Heat team practiced with Wade
    earlier and everything was all good at that time until LeBron showed up to
    play the game.

    Riley and LeBron didn’t have much of any relationship and when Riley wanted
    to speak with LeBron it was to late. The Heat ran LeBron into the ground as
    much as possible to insure victories while being reluctant to enter the
    luxury tax to keep a better team around the guy that’s carrying the Heat
    night in night out. Spoelstra was an issue too, because he couldn’t adjust
    and didn’t want to adjust when it was obvious to do so and would rather see
    his team lose badly in similar fashion like the Heat did against the
    Mavericks and Spurs in the finals. Riley’s only option was to try and build
    a team within a tight budget around LeBron and hope LeBron would like to
    continue to carry the Miami Heat team like he did his four seasons there.
    News Flash, LeBron didn’t come to Miami to carry a team like he did in

    To cap things off, The Heat organization didn’t have the guts to put
    winning first and friendships second. The Heat chose Bosh over LeBron
    because they were unwilling to part ways with Bosh to bring Melo into the
    fold and or they were unwilling to send Wade off to bring Melo into the
    fold to create a new big three. Miami Heat wanted all the glory without the
    pain of business and what needed to be done in order to keep LeBron. LeBron
    took less money to play in Miami just to carry a team like he did in
    Cleveland, and if LeBron would have stayed in Miami he would have had to
    accept even less money in order to have a better supporting cast around him
    while Arison continue to make boat loads of money off LeBron and the
    success of the Heat franchise while being stingy with his spending on the
    team, in terms of salary cap issues. The Heat wanted the players to take
    more sacrifices than they were willing to take.

    LeBron made the right business decision to leave and go carry a team while
    positioning himself to receive the max money for the rest of his career. No
    matter what success the Heat would have had with LeBron playing in uniform,
    the success would have been more towards Wade "Mr Miami" and the Heat
    organization while leaving LeBron on the outside looking in. That’s what
    LeBron recognized being apart of the Miami Heat based on how Riley/Arison
    treated him as compared to Wade. So therefor he realized going back to
    Cleveland and winning a championship even if its 1 title, will far out
    weight 3-5 titles in Miami because the franchise will forever be LeBron’s
    based off his contribution to the city and their yearning to be relevant
    through a championship title.

    For every championship LeBron would have won for Miami, it would always be
    contributed to Wade because he’s Mr Miami and the organization will be
    Wade’s County to unforeseen future. It was time for LeBron to be the King
    of his own castle and stop building Wade’s. 

  • lucky singh says:

    Ya steven a shi*. U know everything. U know where area 55 is. U kno who
    shot kennedy. 

  • James Santiago says:

    thanks bro and oh yea FIRST!!!! CAVS WILL WIN THE NBA FINALS NEXT SEASON