ESPN Suspends Stephen A Smith For Telling the Truth About Domestic Abuse

Stephen A. Smith is sidelined from ESPNs First Take and ESPN Radio for his comments about domestic violence. Michelle Beadle, his colleague saw an opportuni…

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  • Theworldisyourz09 says:

    they act as if men are not human

  • Enrique Berry says:

    ESPN Suspends Stephen A Smith For Telling the Tr…:

  • The Beast! says:

    Don’t ya know Tim? According to feminists, all men are evil scum therefore
    have the right to not defend themselves and must just take it and like it.
    To the average feminist, if a man defends himself against any from of
    attack from a woman, you deserve no mercy because men and women are equal
    but not equal because they want to have their cake and eat it too.

  • A. Lawrence says:

    When Smith critiqued Black folks he was okay. He overstepped by going
    after women. He was correct. 

  • Godzilla Megatron says:

    He rambled to much and his message was lost

  • NAHMEANSON101 says:

    Great video..more Real Talk..I concur completely..but at the same time I
    don’t feel sympathy for this C00N even though he spoke Truth this time…

    THE CHICKENS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST!!!!!..all that @zz kissin he did and
    they swill still show you "their" true "colors/nature".."they" will throw
    you Black @zz under the bus and put you in your place if you ever try to
    get out of order(from "their" agenda..)..can only imagine the buckdancin he
    will do once he comes back from suspicion(hide your children Brothaz and
    Sistaz..)….Disgusting….no worries of Mines though because I don’t
    support his shows anymore..PEace..

  • Token Whiteguy says:

    I suddenly feel the urge to beat my wife! Thanks, Tim! :D

  • robert reid says:

    Stephen A Smith told the truth! Why don’t the have the NYPD put their
    "choke hold"
    on him! Like they do to every other black man who speaks the truth!

  • Swidhelm says:

    Good video Tim. Reminded me of this bit by Bill Bur "There is NO reason to
    hit a woman!".

  • djackster100 says:

    I like what you had to say. I feel the same way. There’s a youtuber named
    Tommy Sotomayer that has videos that would change that whole women are
    always angels mentality. I’m subscribing and don’t forget to tell people to
    like the video if they appreciate the message. I think that helps a lot
    with channel growth

  • Mega Driver says:

    keep speaking the truth

  • MsSouthernman says:

    I just read this on Yahoo news and had to jump over here cause I knew you
    would pick up on that. You know, I don’t always agree with someone, but
    yoo-hoo – what happened to freedom of speech?

  • Eggs Zeg says:

    "There is never, never, never an excuse to hit a woman."

    Meanwhile Israel is bombing women and children again. Americans feel its
    okay to bomb a woman, but never, never hit them? Oh let me guess, it was
    self-defense to kill those women, right? Oh wait, it’s the womens’ fault
    because they should leave Gaza. Oh wait, that would be blaming the victims.

    All these people saying "never never never hit a woman", are just
    inconsistent, grandstanding buffoons.

  • gomoochie says:

    DAMN IT I agree with Stephen.He should not of apologized for anything.Damn
    it I guess ESPN wants him to donate to a shelter what kind of joke is the
    world coming to.Victims of years of abuse you need not say nothing to me as
    I am not sympathetic to your circumstances.Strong DIVAS and smooth handed
    men stand up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 600RRtard says:

    Tim’s right about public transportation in DC. Ride the metro on a Friday
    or Saturday night and you’ll see what he’s talking about.

  • dancgreen2 says:

    He’s right the white chick caused all of this because a lot of men can
    relate to instigators. .but the white broad threw him under the bus and now
    Stephen is going thru this whole apologetic buck dancing for speaking the
    truth…damn that’s a shame..The truth is looked down upon…

  • ChainReaction! says:

    Damn, Tim. Thanks for laying down the truth like a boss.

  • claude zach says:

    His apology is here on youtube as well.

    Stephen A. Smith Apology

  • Patrick Marques says:

    1st comment and great video

  • Tims Take says:

    Stephen A. Smith suspended for telling the truth! I’m so angry I could
    smack a ….person who asked me to smack them ;)