Expectations for Dallas Cowboys – ESPN First Take

Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray breaks down his teams expectations this season. Expectations for Dallas Cowboys – ESPN First Take Expectations for Dallas Cowboys – ESPN First Take…

Team SVA


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  • Joel Marcano says:

    I want tony romo on first take!!!

  • Sean Thomas says:

    You do realize the #CowboyNation legacy at this point is loosing!!!
    Murray really??? We worked hard. I mean since when is 8-8 working hard???
    It is SOOOO hard to be a Cowboy Fan!!!

  • Jin Kazama says:

    Cowboys have been a joke and hasn’t been anything since the days of Aikman,
    Deion, Irvin, Smith. They’ve only had that one really great year which was
    the 07 season but besides that, nothing.

    Espn should take their time and speak about relevant teams that are
    actually in contention to make it into the Playoffs and that they have a
    chance to make it into the Super Bowl.

    Seahawks, 49ers, Broncos, Packers are a few teams that come to my mind in
    having chances to making it deep into the Playoffs. These teams deserve
    time and merit to be talked about, not an 8-8 team.

    If they were an actual contending team, I wouldn’t care as much, but they
    aren’t in contention for the Superbowl next year.

    The only thing I enjoyed with hearing Stephen A. Smith going off about the
    Cowboys, it makes me laugh so much to hear him talk about "America’s Team".

  • Britta bonghitta says:

    You all have any idea how frustrating it is to be a female sports fan and
    have to watch Cari Champion constantly contribute NOTHING to the
    broadcasts? And why? Because she has MINIMAL sports knowledge. I watch
    First Take every day and I have NEVER heard Ms. Champion offer a
    provocative thought, a valid insight or an informed opinion about ANY of
    the daily discussions. Come on ESPN, let’s get a woman in that seat who
    KNOWS the game(s). When male hosts sit in for Cari, they are a part of the
    debates and it adds a very cool dynamic, but Ms. Champion? Well, she is a
    beautiful woman and she comes off as terribly likable, but as far as
    offering the show and the viewers any intelligent discourse about sports,
    she delivers nada. Do better ESPN!

  • Jake Berry says:

    I LOVE IT XD I’m dyin! hahahaha LMBO! 5:21 haha

  • Tateum Touch says:

    5:21 That’s gonna be the famous new meme picture.

  • MrGrownman455 says:

    Poor guy he was just being positive lol

  • ESPNFirstTake says: