FIFA 14 PS4 Liverpool Career Mode #40 ENGLAND & SWEDEN! WORLD CUP GAMES!

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Team SVA


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  • james hollihead says:

    I’m English but i dont really care so i will watch most of the hungry
    games :D´╗┐

  • Euan Soulsby says:

    I’m English and I was glad to see England get beat´╗┐

  • john olivarez says:

    It’s a video game´╗┐

  • Levente Mencsik says:


  • West Jerzey says:

    I’ve heard that there is no Tournament Mode in FIFA14 next gen, is it true?´╗┐

  • Fawaz A says:

    How can i play world cup in fifa plz can you help me how did you do that ?´╗┐

  • Wesley Silva says:

    rip english´╗┐

  • ryanpiyo98 says:

    Who’s Joe? He keeps saying Joe, as if he’s talking to the guy lol.´╗┐

  • Olaiya Mohammed says:

    u are too funny tom´╗┐

  • Jimmy Theawesome says:

    lol new Zealand beat russia´╗┐

  • Stretch says:

    Lol the two English players you douted Shawcross and Mutch scored
    Ireland <3´╗┐

  • filmaker102 says:

    If you cant score legitly then just sweat it.´╗┐

  • jordi hub says:

    Play with zsalai he is a beast ´╗┐

  • TJPM says:

    Amazing thumbnails tom ´╗┐

  • GiJo QUiiKZz says:

    I love the intro!´╗┐

  • Wayne Rooney says:

    tom i have an idea for you…you can send youth squad to hungary they will
    find some great players which u can use for national team in about 1-2
    years….i did the same and it worked really nice´╗┐

  • King Dano says:

    Follow Wales through the world cup please i really want to see how they do.´╗┐

  • CrazyDarkGamez says:

    great vid man!! try and bring in rodrigo for st? swap for aspas in an
    exchange deal.´╗┐

  • Aliu Touray says:

    Does 1 vs 1 you should loop the keeper btw great videos keep it up :D´╗┐

  • Fabio Allous says:

    I want to see the next episode !! good luck ´╗┐

  • Kurtis999Bevan - FIFA 14 and Football Content! says:

    HAHA Shawcross and Mutch scored… Another good episode Tom´╗┐

  • Josh Alexander says:

    That Bogdan mistake is just like he does nearly every week at Bolton´╗┐

  • Matei Nerges says:

    14:05 they beat chilli 1-0 lol :))´╗┐

  • TheLoyaltyRespect says:

    great video´╗┐