FIFA 2010 World Cup – Official Trailer [HD]

Title: 2010 FIFA World Cup Release Date: April 27, 2010 Platforms: PS3 | X360 | Wii | PC | PS2 | DS Label: EA Sports Genre: Soccer Simulation Age Rating: E (…

Team SVA


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  • TheMultiGamePL says:

    What’s the music on the movie?

  • Jimi James says:

    I hope the new game comes out on PC with the new engine!!!

  • Running Mann says:

    Surely they’ll make a 2014 world cup game, its in Brazil for goodness

  • mayowa4321 says:

    i’m scared because EA has announced they have yet to start developing the

  • TomaANDcLay2477 says:

    Still play it cause 2010 was my favorite World Cup

  • OMGitsSCHNUCKUMS says:

    The FIFA i have most enjoyed yet… i still play it to this day.

  • filon810 says:

    they are probaly gonna make it a stupid dlc for fifa 14 just like euro
    2012.. I remember how excited i was for the euro 2012 game…there was a
    stupid dlc instead

  • gmccormack2013 says:

    fifa 14 world cup

  • Eli Maynard says:

    The song brings back memories

  • Thebattlefield Channl says:

    i miss fifa south africa i wish didnt get stolen 🙁

  • TheAmerica1998 says:

    i love how they always put more effort into the world cup game

  • TheCreedEvolution says:

    until 2014 fifa world cup videogame comes out 😉

  • Richard Romero says:

    Suscks it cant be played online #ps3

  • Dwarven sphere says:

    i still play this in 2012

  • MrHamster6630ify says:

    this game is awesome and i love playing it so fun.brill game

  • ThePesStudio1 says:

    Platforms: PS3 | X360 | Wii | PC | PS2 | DS….. WHERE’S PSP THERE WERE

  • Tomislav rupa says:

    🙂 No problem

  • Eslam Elghayaty says:

    give me freedom take me higher

  • dalex7447 says:

    @stathopoulosp1 true and its only at 10 quid on amazon

  • iybj1905 says:

    I love this game!

  • filon810 says:

    its better than fifa 12 i love this game but in the description it says
    that its also on ps2 but it isnt

  • coolbears3110 says:

    yeah better than 11 not gay

  • AdiKing777 says:

    Can’t wait for EURO 2012 game !!!

  • superwilldonaghue says:

    I can’t wait for the Euro 2012 game to come out that’s if it does! 🙂

  • GHOST78407 says:

    i wish 0:59 actually happened 🙁