FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 Predictions and Analysis

Who will rise with the world cup at July the 13th? Here my personal (and I cant reinforce enough the PERSONAL issue) predictions to the greatest event in sp…

Team SVA


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  • Te-jay Blakes says:

    you are a hater,,just now you made it very clear that argentina has to
    depend on messi and that will make them win..but now portugal has to depend
    on ronaldo they will loose ,that is just stupid ,ronaldo did more for his
    national team than messi did for his..messi does cant even score a goal in
    world so dont judge portugal because of they love for the best player in
    the world and are very happy to have him leading them…portugal will
    surprise this world ..ronaldo will destroy the best of them

  • Joni Makarroni says:

    Portugal plays like a team. Ronaldo is only the knewest player of the team.
    Portugal plays like atletico madrid

  • tural imanov says:

    Brazil will win Argentina in the final mach.

  • GermanyFan01 says:

    Germany 1-0 Spain
    I like that u had Germany winning but Spain will win there group unless
    March Madness goes to Brasil

  • rfiji fijian says:

    It is clear to me that neither Germany nor the Netherlands will make it to
    the finals!
    The finals will be entirely south American!

  • Steven Agius says:

    Netherlands in the final .. nice joke dude they are good but not for the
    final sry.

  • peter cake says:

    you support europeans too much in your prediction. i believe that is messed
    up, you should predict in terms of team work, experience and individual

  • Carlos Jose says:

    i am from latin america and germany has a chance to win for 1 time in south

  • Subik Manandhar says:

    this really sucks 😛 bad prediction

  • Tagano03 says:

    France 2-0 Netherlands

  • Kevin Gaytan says:

    Woah. Netherlands couldn’t make It past the group stage in Euro ’12 and
    they made it all the way to the finals. I’m not sure they’ll make it past
    chile and Spain

  • Casey Kelly says:

    yea finaly some one who doesn’t think brazils going to win

  • ttmumbiya says:

    Have you got Twitter?

  • Stinkum Daniel says:

    Stoped watching after Spain’s group elimination

  • 786Balucci says:

    France is solid in this world cup 

  • EkyDoesGames CY says:

    Oh, I only disagree one thing with this. How would Portugal lose to
    Belgium? I’m no hardcore Portugal fan or anything, even my nation isn’t
    even in the World Cup. But Portugal has been in really good form lately. It
    started in Euro 2012. And they are the third best team on the World right
    now. Next to Germany and Brazil. Don’t even talk to me about Spain. So,
    shouldn’t they ATLEAST make it to the Quarter Final? I predict they may
    even go to the Semi Final! But I Agree with everything else that you
    predicted though :)

  • Reading4eva says:

    Good predictions check out mine on my page

  • rfiji fijian says:

    I respect your oppinion but i think this year is Brazil’s sixth world cup
    and the reason is that the climate will be to their advantage and i doubt
    seriously that Germany will be able to resist the strong heat and humidity!
    I think that Brazil will meet Argentina in the final ,and most teams that
    will surprise will be south American teams!
    I think most European teams will even be eliminated in the quarterfinal!
    But again i will wait for the first qualifiers to be played and i will have
    a better idea once they are played!
    As for now i see rather Brazil winning it clear!

  • palkia82 says:

    Very interesting predictions which lead to some good-looking matches in the
    quarters and semis! As a fan of Germany and european football in general, I
    like your predicted final and result. Too many people say that South
    american teams will be better but like your predictions show, the home
    advantage does not hide the weaknesses. Teams like Netherlands, Italy,
    Germany and Belgium are a big threat!