First Take – How Has Lebron James Changed ?

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  • Samuel Rei says:

    If I were to start a team with any player in history…. No doubt it’d be
    James. There’s not even a debate what player brings most to the table.
    Lebron can guard any player 1 through 4. Run the offense just like a PG.
    2nd highest % of mid-range (behind Curry). He’s the best, point blank.

  • Stoner Simpson says:

    You see how the San Antonio Spurs continue to make history!

  • Giancarlo Correll says:

    Lebron got all his juice from Wade. Point blank period. Skip said it best,
    he had no free agents lining up in Cleveland before Miami. He may have
    attracted Kevin Love, and some old veterans, but Wade got Bosh AND Bron to
    pack up and come to Miami.

  • Marquise Hall says:


  • Wis Dom says:

    We’re not "Witnessing what Lebron is doing", We’re being Force-Fed what
    Lebron is doing all the damn time! 

  • Mamad XYD says:

    NBA don’t let the Lakers make the trade for Chris Paul! The NBA said they
    would’nt let another big three unite after miami… 

  • Killah Z says:

    LeBron is already a top 5 all time player and if he continues his dominance
    might make the top 3 but he aint better than MJ some of yall LJ fans got
    this thing where if you ain’t first ur last. The only reason LJ isn’t in
    the convo for GOAT is bc of his awful 2007 and ’11 finals.

  • DoctorJay06 says:

    Teaming up is good thing. Lebron was willing to take a big paycut to go to
    Miami and the guys who’s money means more to them say he isn’t loyal.
    They’re just trying to make themselves feel better because they know they
    can’t turn down max money.

  • Keyahn Jones says:


  • Jason Wyman says:

    Stepehen A. says, "it’s a different age, but stars now, if you wanna get
    players to come play for you, Lebron James is providing the blueprint."
    Yeah, the "blueprint". All you have to do is be the best player in the
    world, and people will want to come play with you. 

  • Carolin Janvier says:

    Please don’t suck lebron d****

  • Peace , Love and Humanity says:

    Lebron wasn’t single his 1st 7 years in Cleveland.

  • Devonta Chance says:

    LeBron James is the most over rated person all the time he not clutch n
    Derek Fisher most clutch n him

  • E Ray says:

    Why say if? In the sports world it either happened or didn’t happen. 

  • andy alex says:

    it was kobe, shaq and robert horry, tired of hearing just kobe and shaq
    they wasn’t winning nothing without horry showing up

  • Louie Delgado says:

    Let’s keep it real Jordan is the greatest of all time kill that noise bout
    Bron team achievement or not hes 2-3 in the finals last time I checked
    Jordan 6-0 in the finals buff said

  • jack daniels says:

    Don’t get me wrong I love lebron he’s NOT. My favorite but come on cuh he
    just lost in the finals and he’s still being talked about? Why not talk
    about any other tier 2 player that will perhaps make the jump this year to
    the upper echelon of the league like Demarcus Cousins? 

  • fabricio piotto says:

    i’m already sick about all this cavs hype.. chicago is gonna shut them up

  • peter sambou says:

    MJ was a better SCORER ! but Rebounding Blocking etc OVERALL I mean PLEAZE
    !! i’m not talking about championships winning but AS A PLAYER LBJ can
    DEFEND a PG a SG a SF a PF a C !!! he can play the Guard Position the
    Forward position and he is a nightmare for the guys in the post !!! OVERALL
    LBJ is better ! MJ have tried to guard Bird and Bird was killing him in the
    post !!!! Impossible vs LBJ !6ft 8 250pds come on maaan ! 

  • raymond munoz says:

    If lebron didn’t choke in 2011 we would have had a 3 peat lol

  • MrTorsation476858 says:

    I think this makes the Spurs even more prepared to win. They like the
    challenge. Lebron can stack his team up all he wants, and that just makes
    the Spurs even better.

  • jameylbj says:

    Better than Jordan 

  • TheBasketballer212 says: