First Take – Is Michael Sam A Free Agent Still Because He’s Gay ?

Team SVA


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  • mataio viliamu says:

    this isnt the guy who smokes cocaine, or beats up his wife, or cruises
    around town with a gun…..instead of focusing on what a gay man brings to
    the team, how bout focusing some attention to break down these barriers in
    your franchise, sport, city, country??

  • Lawrence Bader says:

    I hate Jerry Jones for what he has done to the Dallas Cowboys Organization
    since he forced Jimmy Johnson to leave, but today I am proud of him. Let
    the fear-filled small homophobes squirm and hate and make jokes. Too bad
    you bastards! Deal with it!

  • Kev Cole says:

    Are they gonna talk about this dude every day for the rest of the season?
    starting to get ridiculous for real.. the man has a sodomite, homosexual
    demon in his soul that needs to be cast out of his soul in the Mighty name
    of Jesus Christ. After Michael sam goes through deliverance and is made
    normal and heterosexual through the power of God this story will finally be
    old news..Pray for this guy

  • Tyler Schilreff says:

    I’m with Tony Dungy and Jonathan Vilma. 

  • fenris146 says:

    god i hate stephen a.

  • Mike Whitfield says:

    Well, as I’ve stated before PROTECT OUR NFL LEAGUE! His sexual preference
    is man! Listen, understand, and respect. Being a homosexual is in direct
    opposition of a Man’s game! that’s what we call it now. For Straight guys
    it would feel very aukward. You cant help also but to think what if he
    likes one of the guys and decide to get sum enjoyment out of a tackle, you
    know extra lay ons and pile ups. No straight guy wants him on him. You just
    have to see that and respect it. Its a circus also. Homosexuals listen, it
    aint that people wanna deny ur rights! What u believe in is a sin like
    fornication with woman but also gays are not pro life, ur blind to the fact
    the kids u adopt will grow up twice confused. Sorry but at best because of
    ur sexual preference some people will treat u normal most will shy away or
    shun. As for my stance I’m rolling with King Jesus! For the bible says NO
    sin shall enter the Kingdom, not urs or mine. Good day Folks! 

  • Juan Nunez says:

    I don’t want to hear that "he’s too small", "he’s too slow", "he doesn’t
    fit", etc. Michael Sam was the most productive defense lineman on the rams
    this preseason. He had the most sacks(3), and the second most tackles(10)
    on the team. What else did they want him do to? I guess that we can add
    homophobic to the racist and exploitative football culture. God
    damn neanderthals.

  • Drew Anthony says:

    i wouldnt want no faggot in my locker room if i was in the nfl.. sorry lol

  • r mac says:

    For once he’s right. He did well enough to make the team, but the Rams
    didnt want to deal with the gay guy. 

  • KingN8Boogie says:

    I’m a Rams fan. I have no problem with Michael Sam not making the team or
    the practice squad. He was drafted in the 7th round and got beat out by an
    undrafted rookie. I don’t think his sexual preference is the reason for him
    being drafted so late. Obviously no team saw him as a fit for them at that
    position. Stop crying about discrimination, because that’s not always the

  • cheapblues says:

    I hate how when Jason Collins came out gay everyone cheered for him and
    Brooklyn signed him when Michael Sam came out gay he drops to the 7th round
    and gets cut sometimes i don’t understand this country

  • Christopher Littleton says:

    well gays there go your savior i knew he was going to be a bust you ask me
    he should have kept his personal life private and once he get drafted and
    make a team then annouce hes gay after he made the team not do it before
    the draft

  • richardreptar1 says:

    Who wouldn’t want a gay defensive lineman who likes to sack the

  • LeafsJaysRaps says:

    3 sacks but 6 sacks in one game 

  • Sam Kim says:

    Stephen A — 100% right!

  • Ori on says:

    Now days when someone comes out as gay, everyone treat him and celebrate
    him like a superstar and when someone have a different opinion about
    someone like Michael same, people start to bash that person . If his gay
    get over it there no need to treat him higher than anyone else.

  • Hoorayforpeepee says:

    He is not good enough,and can some gay tell me,why gays like to say they
    are gay to all the world>say your family,the teammates you playing and
    thats it…why you wanna scream to all the world that you gay"??whats the

  • Espn First Take says: