First Take – Josh Gordon Suspended For 1 Year

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  • Drew Chandler says:

    Lol gotta love the Browns. #WhoDey

  • Kassidy Lane says:

    Omg marijuana. Dude is a junkie, hahaha what a bunch of bs. Ten years from
    now it will be totally legal and accepted. 

  • LaVerite124 says:

    So are they slowly bringing in Sharpe to replace Smith? But Sharpe has NFL

  • Ice Up Son says:

    Marijuana junkie lol 

  • TheMountainman14 says:

    This guy smokes weed and is suspended for the year. Ray Rice beats a woman
    unconscious in an elevator and he is suspended for 2 games. Wow!!!!

  • Ross Richards says:

    Mr. Sharpe, #Salute
    You are easily the "Best Guest" that has been in First Take
    Please come more often

  • MsDebora T says:
  • TheJdw59 says:

    If the NFL allows players to alleviate pain with deadly, addictive, and
    liver-destroying opiates, then they should be allowed to medicate with a
    less harmful substance in THC.

  • Y . K . I . H says:

    He’s a junkie lol

  • Veyronp87 says:

    pretty ridiculous punishment for weed. but i guess he should have known

  • Jack Miller says:

    Well now he knows if he screws up again, likely for anything, he’s getting
    the lifetime ban.

  • joey zapata says:

    He lost over $974,000 in two years from messing up?! Are you kidding me?
    I’m a very frugal individual and $974,000 would make me set for life.

  • John cage says:

    I thought the drug test are not random???

  • richardreptar1 says:

    Shannon Sharpe kinda talks like Waterboy

  • NYCKILLA95 says:

    Hes making millions for what weed leave him on the street and give his
    money to people who actually need it theses players dont know what they got

  • Espn First Take says: