First Take – Should Peyton Manning Have Been This Angry ?

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  • Myreverlation says:

    How They Soft Putting Up Numbers Like They Do

  • Steven Escareno says:

    At the rate the nfl is going, it’ll become flag football before you know

  • Backman Bolee says:

    Peyton is a great QB,but he is too soft. And as for the Texans, their
    defense will be much better than their previous years. Their defensive
    coordinator is no ordinary defensive coach..

  • Steven Sabata says:

    These guys are jokes, Peyton is a damn boss

  • jon blake says:

    manning is just being the leader of his team. you see a dirty hit on your
    teammate you get his back…

  • 85Raidernation says:

    I would have rubbed that TD in his face too. I would have said cheap shot
    that play.

  • Quincy 367 says:

    It was Peyton’s fault for putting it down the middle with three defenders
    surrounding his wide receiver.

  • Alonso Espinoza says:

    Peyton Manning would tear the texans apart in a real game.

  • Azhar Mustafa says:

    So Stephen A thinks Demaryius Thomas and Julius Thomas did fine during the
    Super Bowl but Decker and Welker were the ones missing….hmmm. Demaryius
    balled out, but why doesn’t Stephen A give Julius the same blame that he
    throws at the white WRs?? And then this man talks about objectivity…..HA
    HA HA……

  • david mack says:

    please upload the bears vs seahawks reaction

  • Espn First Take says: