Skip Bayless says Chris Paul is NOT a Superstar!

Skip Bayless says Chris Paul aka CP3 is no-no SUPERSTAR! Agree? CP3 is superstar in his team Los Angeles Clippers and in his State Farm Insurance commercial. Aside from being an multiple All-Star and Olympic team selection, CP3 has to prove first in the league and that is to win NBA Championship.

Team SVA


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  • Aaron Dunckel says:

    hate Skip – but hes right…. in basketball terms… in marketability?
    Paul IS one. They are two different definitions though

  • Bashir Jama says:

    skips right cp3 is not a superstar 

  • Nick Koranda says:

    Those two missed free throws do hurt a lot. If they end up losing 4-3,
    those missed free throws may be the center of blame.

  • yoe91 says:

    yeah he’s wrong there Skip. CP3 IS superstar material.

  • homeslice1998 says:

    Well i guess according to Skip Tracy McGrady wasn’t a superstar 

  • Nick Cotogno says:

    Skip Bayless is not a superstar….

  • ac says:

    Skip doesn’t no basketball 

  • alexander colon says:

    he sais paul is not a superstar because of the playoffs so what stephen
    curry hes not superstar either

  • charlie bju says:

    He has to hate on someone lol, Lebron and KD proved him wrong so he moves
    onto the 3 best player lol

  • SunnyBoys2 says:

    Lol skip WTF

  • issen van says:

    I wonder whether Steven A. knows who Teodosic is.

  • issen van says:

    I agree!