Who Is Most Likely To Reach The Superbowl ?


Team SVA


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  • Myreverlation says:

    Tom Brady Over Peyton Manning Lol Last Year Lolllllllllllllll

  • Eureka Opium says:

    Seattle ad New England face off this january. Easy pick. 

  • corvettebmw says:

    I have a great idea, Maybe wait until the season starts and all the teams
    play four of five games before all the talk. Everyone’s a genius when no
    one played a game yet.

  • suggavel miller says:

    Shannon dont ever disrespect my city Bengals nation##who dey all day 

  • wildthang881 says:

    The Bengals more than the Packers????

  • Stevo2o6 says:

    Are people forgetting that Seattle destroyed denver and seattle’s roster is
    a long younger? Why would the seahawks not be favorite when they are the
    best team in the leauge. 

  • blackanimelover18 says:

    Not even 43-8 will stop the Peyton fanatics from sucking him off. 

  • Shane Barraza says:

    Shannon Sharpe’s face after Skip said Denver should be concerned about
    Cincinnati was priceless lmao. 3:25

  • Kevin Cortes says:

    It took Peyton’s worst game, no Julius Thomas, a Wes Welker botch, and a
    horrid defense for Denver to lose to New England. Denver can beat New
    England. New England got lucky.

  • Mazamac Gaming says:

    Someone needs to make a meme of the face Shannon made when Skip mentioned
    the Bengals XD

  • Antonius Khalt says:

    Shannon said it best – injuries will likely have a huge impact on who gets
    to win the sb. Denver lost just as many people as NE did last year. Seattle
    actually had a pretty healthy team once they made it to the SB. I think
    before free agency, Seattle was clearly the more talented team. Now…it’s
    close. Not sure who I would actually favor. 

  • Drewtocrew offense says:

    I have a feeling that neither the Patriots nor the Broncos make it from the
    AFC … Steelers and Colts might surprise a few this year …

  • Drewtocrew offense says:

    Skip always wants to have it both ways ….. 

  • Alex Rodriguez says:

    Where is Stephan A when you need him…. Saints are 9.2 and they don’t even
    get mentioned….soo disrespectful 

  • Veyronp87 says:

    yeah thats crazy disrespectful to the seahawks. broncos got humiliated and
    they’re favorites? hell nah

  • Shiryu Rain says:

    It makes sense because the NFC is stacked and the AFC is very very weak

  • endlessmountain says:

    Impossible to make them clear cut favorites with Peyton Mannings
    reputation. His rep is simply to dominate the regular year and win the
    division giving a great chance at a first round bye. From game one of the
    playoffs the time is to get concerned. He has made it to two bowls with a
    1-2 record. His first loss was a superbowl losing pick six which was not
    bad luck on Peyton’s part. Last year he played grand master checkers
    against Seattle playing grand master chess. Petyon is 50/50 to win any
    given playoff game and those odds say 12.5% with first round bye and 6.3%
    if playing wildcard. Because its about 100% Denver makes the playoffs and
    about a 66.7% chance of getting a first round bye they have a 10.4 percent
    shot to win this year.

  • Benicia30 says:

    Shannon is a broncos fan. of course he wants them to beat Seattle

  • djfunky817 says:

    carrie said pull it out lol

  • signevent says:

    I dont understand how the Broncos are favored again to win it after they
    got crushed last year. It was pure murder.

  • Espn First Take says: