Heat Even Series 1-1

First Takes Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith give their reaction to the Miami Heat winning game 2 against the San Antonio Spurs in the 2014 NBA Finals.

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  • Sand Scar says:

    Spurs definitly lost the game missing those free throws, loosing the huge
    1st quarter lead and what not but the heat also won that game with Lebron
    simi going off and making the comeback

  • 23Jordan33Pippen91Rodman says:

    Spurs really did lose it more than Miami won it. Spurs will take 1 of these
    next 2 in Miami.

  • Bob Parker says:

    Heat shouldn’t be 2-0, the heat were blown out by 15 when they were down 2
    when Lebron came out. LeBron is the best player, but for you to lose with
    DWade and Bosh by 15 in the end with 4 minutes less is ridiculous. The
    Spurs had Game 2 and only lost by 2 mind you, I don’t see why people keep
    acting like it was a blow out, but they pulled the same thing the Pacers
    did in Game 2, they didn’t hold out in the stretch. Miami has yet to lose 2
    straight since their first trip to the finals, so this next game needs to
    be a win for San Antonio. Good luck to you San Antonio.

  • ZombieZifiction says:

    why doesnt ray allen’s mom show up at games anymore?

  • TranscendentalProdco says:

    Skip just wants Lebron to fail, he does not want him to touch his golden
    boy Michael Jordan.

  • munclesonkey says:

    Wow, Stephen A destroyed Skip in that debate… Ski even looked like he was
    halfheartedly agreeing with him near the end…

  • Mobinho10 says:

    Skip overrated his Spurs in this series. The Heat are just too much for any
    team in the league. Heat should of been up 2-0 already but yeh.. Heat in 6

  • iAmJaybuggz says:

    Rashad Lewis is turning into the best low post defender on the heat. First
    West now Duncan

  • TheGamer101 says:

    Skip let me teach you somthing
    if your "precious" Spurs miss so many freethrows in a home game just think
    what would happen in an AWAY GAME. so yeah the game was close, yeah the
    game almost went to the spurs BUT dont forget it was your home game and you
    still lost and losing a home game even if it was only "one" game or "only
    the second game" it mean alot it means that miami doesnt care if it a home
    game or not they are there to WIN

  • Sachin R says:

    It’s clear that the series is rigged….plain and simple. It’s sad that
    the NBA is coming down to this….once again, as we have seen many examples
    of it for a while (even in the jordan/bulls era). Why does it have to be
    all about money always?!

  • eazyduzit5150 . says:

    Wait wait wait so…Stephen A. is getting on Skip for saying that the Spurs
    lost it more than the Heat won it but after gm 1 the dude used the same
    logic as Skip saying the Heat would’ve won if it wasn’t for Lebrons cramps
    lol ok..how bout both teams took advantage of the situations and won.

  • ESPN1stTake says:

    "I believe my Spurs LOST that game more than the Heat WON that game." –
    Skip #LeBronStrikesBack 

  • Baby Casanova says:

    I love how quiet those spurs fans are today.

  • GoodkidM.A.A.D.City says:

    Skip is tryna be to Lebron what Howard Cosell was to Ali but its not
    working cause its just dumb criticism with no point behind it. Its funny
    how Lebron can score 35 and 10 and he still says it wasn’t enough. I don’t
    really think he watches basketball anymore he bases everything on what
    Jordan and Magic would’ve done….

  • Tyrone Thomas says:

    Skip being Skip….smh…

  • Yaya Toure says:

    The Heat proved nothing last night. People are acting like Lewis will be
    hitting those 3’s all series. He won’t, same thing with Bosh. #SpursIn6 My
    opinion and im not responding to any of you bandwagons.

  • Daniel Hursey says:

    skip mad hahahahah

  • Legend Burr says:

    Cut it out guys the heat taken it lol, next year tho nah but they deff
    taken it this year its a fact !!!!!!

  • Pats Nation says:


  • Isaiah8105 says:

    Skip is delusional as hell. The Heat would’ve been up 2-0 if it wasn’t for
    LeBron’s cramps in game 1.