Heated Debate Between Nelly And Stephen A. Smith – ESPN First Take

Artist Nelly joins First Takes Stephen A. and Skip Bayless to debate Kobe, Dwight Howard, and the future of the Lakers. Heated Debate Between Nelly And Step…

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  • Jamal Body Grafiti says:

    lmao its 2014 nelly was right to count the lakers out because they didnt
    make it this year either lol

  • Ryan Kukosama says:

    Nelly slapped the table 37 times

  • 314STICKY says:

    Nelly u fagget

  • Zoelakerbot says:

    LMFAO 11:18

  • Mark M says:

    Nelly is 100% correct on his major points about Kobe

  • Mike Rhines says:

    Kobe two free throws torn Achilles…Dwight paper cut out for a week lol

  • Bruno Entringer says:

    Nelly for the win!!!! Magic did that and led lakers to Finals. Why no one
    criticizes Kobe at all? Why Kobe trash D12, Gasol, Shaq etc? Media is
    always tapping Kobe on butt. Nelly gave some good points.

  • steven sparkz says:

    Nelly " all I’m saying is I have never seen him as the LITER of the team"..
    stupid ignorant monkey get off this stage

  • UnexpectedWonder says:

    Nelly was wrong with almost all of his points.

  • PD345 says:

    Nelly was pretty much correct here

  • DeProvodo says:

    that was annoying nelly just had asked stephen a are we back on kobe
    everyone starts yelling at him then when nely talks kobe they still yell at
    him wtf lol

  • Courtlan Green says:

    Tons of players came to play with Kobe over the years, but the real
    question is how many players have the mental fortitude to play with Kobe.

    Did Nelly ever take a pay cut?

  • Bugbunny321 says:

    The lady needs to be quiet. 

  • Kai Greene says:

    Shaq left cuz he didn’t like Kobe, but later on they got their friendship
    back since they are not on the same team. Bynum publicly admitted he didn’t
    like Kobe, and now Dwight left, I know it is not all because of Kobe but he
    is a big reason shaq and Dwight left. 

  • Julie Harper says:

    Nelly on point

  • chris rucker says:

    I think the reason Dwight left is because the Lakers are no longer the
    Lakers anymore, it’s just a name now. Jerry Buss isn’t the owner, Phil
    Jackson isn’t coaching them and Kobe is winding down. They’re just a bad
    team with aging stars that is going nowhere so he got a better team. Why
    wouldn’t he leave?

  • Hoops590 says:

    The point was that no one wants to play on team bryant because they
    don’t like him. In this case Dwight wanted to go somewhere where he could
    be himself, and be around people who liked him for him. The rockets are
    one of the funnest teams to watch, but they rely too much on long ball
    shooting. I don’t think Dwight’s game is ever gonna go beyond 20 points 12
    boards a game.

  • Zak Darman says:

    I agree 100% with Nelly

  • ljcool17 says:

    It’s a personality thing. You’d have to have either an iron clad
    personality or be a follower and let your game do the talking to be able to
    stand along side Kobe.