How Big of a Loss is Losing Sean Lee

ESPN NFL Analyst Jerome Bettis joins First Takes Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith to discuss how big of a loss is losing Sean Lee to the Cowboys.

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  • kent brown says:

    Jerome Bettis has a mean barber…that shape up is perfect!

  • bluenickels says:

    Stan Lee is at least a thousand years old. He makes comic books, why would
    the Cowboys care??

  • ESPN1stTake says:

    "How can I trust on or count on Sean Lee? I CAN’T!" – Skip #CowboysLoseLee 

  • KanameGaming says:

    Cowboys going 5-11

  • Jgilbzs says:

    Cowboys officially drop to 4 or 5 wins. 

  • swansob says:

    Some people are just prone to injuries

  • Pats Nation says:

    Cowboys always gonna choke as long as they have romo

  • munclesonkey says:

    Skip always makes all these sighing noises in the background whenever they
    talk about the Cowboys on the show.

  • Randy J says:

    Its not a big deal… this was going to be a bad team anyways. Not 8-8 bad
    more like 6-10

  • IsaacH1273 says:

    stephen A hit it on the head: part of the problem is jerry is too enamored
    with ‘being Texan.’ if you’re a Texan, you’re invulnerable from criticism.
    that’s why the cowboys don’t ever fire people when they deserve to get

  • HuggiePacino says:

    Coming from a dedicated cowboys fan

    They are an accident waiting to happen
    And this is #1…we are just getting started. …8-8? How about 5-11! Smh

  • ezthejedi says:

    As a Cowboys fan with Sean Lee You just always Hope he’ll be be healthy
    This Season…or Next Season….We all Know the defense needs Sean
    Lee…but without him IDK & this might be the last time

  • Robin Raphael says:


  • Sarmadh Ansari says:


  • balser77 says:

    Dallas welcome to the cellar of the nfc east.HTTR

  • Chineserijstwafel says:

    cowboys were bound for an 8-8 season, no they going 5-11

  • Peyton Manning says:

    i hate it when someone gets injured this bad, even if hes a on a rival
    team. – Giants fan

  • GMenAllDay521 says:

    It effectively ends the Cowboy’s season. Romo and that offense better
    average 50 because that defense is going to be giving up 40.

  • Imasoleman23 says:

    Stephen A the type to say "Sean Lee reminds me of Kevin durant. He’s 6’10
    with a wingspan of 7’10 and can pull up from 30"

  • TheFunkytownGotcha says:

    I’ll go ahead and say it…If they took Johnny Football …Sean Lee be
    playing right now. just saying. haha. Over zealous rookie O lineman with a
    pancake block during "non contact" drills. When healthy (at least healthy
    enough to play) he’s their best defensive player. Big loss for Dallas. 

  • EatOrLumby says: