Isiah Thomas Talks NBA Finals

2-time NBA Champ Isiah Thomas joins First Takes Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and Cari Champion to discuss game 1 of the NBA Finals.

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  • Rasj98 says:

    do cramps really last 7 minutes??? i thought at the most 4-5. 

  • Oscar Diaz says:

    People are so, just so stupid.. These comments are ignorant!! Just watch
    and enjoy the best 2 nba teams go at it until the the superior team wins!!
    Other than that, take your hate and BS somewhere far far away. 

  • Bob Parker says:

    Lol I had cramps just yesterday and honestly it is impossible to put weight
    on it. The only problem is as Skip says no other player cramped up, but
    LeBron, who is the most physically fit on the court. Quite interesting, but
    Spurs in 6.

  • Mobinho10 says:

    Love how Thomas talked calm and Skip was listening unlike how he was
    blaming Lebron to cramp up in game 1..

  • XBR4Da says:

    finally someone on first take who knows what theyre talking about 

  • David Pearose says:

    What Isaiah said

  • ZombieZifiction says:

    the spurs knew these conditions and were extra hydrated throughout the day.
    they stole that game. i guess if you can’t beat em… cheat? pathetic. heat
    in 6.

  • Danielle Gordon says:

    Why risk anyone getting injured and just postpone the game? Isn’t it
    dangerous to play when the temperature is that high?

  • Daniel Hursey says:

    you haters be warned heat in 5 punks you fat hoes i go to the gym u
    guys no nothing 

  • Andrew Schelb says:

    Cramps can take you out of the game. The only problem is he was the only
    one cramping. Sounds like a poor me moment that lebron is so famous for.
    Either way whether he was in or out wouldn’t have made a difference spurs
    were gonna hit those shots regardless. Game still over. Move on to game 2
    stop whining saying the game should’ve been delayed.

  • TheGamer101 says:

    why do people hate on bron? the dude got cramps cut him some slack poeple
    wtf is wrong with you? i wanna see you walk with cramps

  • LiquidTechnique says:

    are you people serious? athletes play through leg cramps all the time. nfl
    players do it, marathon runners do it, hell, boxers do it all the time. ive
    seen floyd mayweather do it, hell most recently tim bradley did it vs
    pacquiao, the same pacquiao who also had cramps during fights vs erik
    morales. athletes and people get cramps all the time and work through it.
    Lebron just has very little pain threshold. its the reason why he always
    shies away from hibbert. you can see it with his excessively blatant flops.
    he flops so players are afraid to get physical from him. remember when he
    got that bloody nose? lmfaaao can you imagine a boxer doing what lebron did
    if they got a bloody nose? Lebron just has very little pain tolerance.

  • Randy J says:

    Skip is trolling

  • pspslim4 says:

    Look no one knows what would happen if LeBron kept playing! It would have
    been a lot closer! Honestly D-Wade should have showed up once LBJ went out!
    Good win Spurs #SpursIn7

  • Dan Tee says:

    As much as I hate the Heat, cramps are different story cuz you can’t move
    your whole body unlike a broken ankle or other injuries that you are still
    able to move different part of your body so Bron can’t really do anything

  • corey johnson says:

    Too bad Dwayne wade is trash now and just hoping lebron will win him
    another ring.. Ray Allen’s legs are better than wades