J.R. Smith on Carmelo & Knicks Season

Knicks guard J.R. Smith joins First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless to discuss the re-signing of teammate Carmelo Anthony, the hiring of Derek Fisher and more.

Team SVA


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  • DaChampTV says:

    JR Smith is a waste of talent!

  • bgnyc1 says:

    Forget JR. His new name is ‘Mumbles’ Smith.

  • Jc333 says:

    Everyone in the NBA was amazed of how well the SPURS played and J.R is
    proof of that. I`m glad team basketball won over a Payed over hyped team
    full of superstars.

  • Sakis Geo says:

    He sounds like KD

  • TheStefutz says:

    Has J.R. Smith finally grew up? I really hope so.

  • Austin Howie says:

    If JR Smith could just stay focused everyday on the basketball court, he
    could be competing every year for the Sixth man of the year like Jamal

  • ESPN1stTake says:

    "It just happened to be my worst year in the NBA." – JR Smith 

  • walterreally says:

    J R Smith talks like he has a mouth full of marbles. 

  • Dabket3araB says:

    JR speaks from his butthole

  • Heatsworld says:

    Jr is gonna give stephen a smith weed lmao

  • pvanganimare says:

    The new york NUGGETS will make it back into the playoff again, led by melo,
    jr smith and maybe kenyon martin. Yes they can. 

  • PeCo9723 says:

    He should swap voices with Tim Duncan haha 

  • 2wealthy4U says:

    Where did he learn to talk at the Shaquille ONeal Academy of Language Arts

  • 416NewMusic says:

    Knicks should tank next season because after that, they can release
    Stoudemire who is overpaid and sign more stars and better role players

  • Pretentious Brit says:

    I was playing hoops last week and some negro came up to me and said " You
    ain’t got no J " . What does this mean? I think I have alot of J whatever
    that is.

  • xCH0SEN1x says:

    JR Smith is Kobe without his brain, killer instinct, and hard work.

  • MrTorsation476858 says:

    Man there’s so many Knicks haters in the comment section. People always
    finding ways to bash them. I realise why. Dysfunctional management, poor
    defense, I can go on. But let’s not forget that the players don’t suck
    cause they had one terrible season. The system they were playing in because
    of Woodson was not working at all, and once you don’t trust in the coach,
    you don’t trust in yourselfs. That what the Knicks faced. Now they got a
    new coach and potentially a better one in D-Fish, Phil at the reigns
    putting things into place, Melos back and primed to compete with a better
    system at hand. Things will turn around. 

  • Shaneghoul says:

    I’m not gonna make excuses (Proceeds to make excuses).

  • Mohammad N says:

    And for people who say Melo never had a supporting cast. He did, for a few
    seasons in Denver and 1 season in NY when they had J-Kidd, Chandler and
    other vets.

  • Mali Simumba says:

    Inconsistent and ball hog, so why has he still not been traded ?

  • Mohammad N says:

    Mark my words. Giving Melo $123 million will hurt the Knicks in the long

  • Bonafide Bum says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Worst of the Year

  • jeffrey marshall says:

    JR has the skill set to be one of the better scorers in the NBA but it’s
    never going to happen…he jokes around too much and doesn’t seem like he
    wants to be great…also his defense is trash