Jadeveon Clowney Number 1 Pick?

ESPN First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss if Jadeveon Clowney should be drafted #1 overall in the NFL Draft.

Team SVA


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  • manansis86 says:

    I would take Johnny Manziel.

  • King Fawazz says:

    My Texans please draft #teddybridgewater

  • Gurj Buttz says:

    I personally would love to see Manziel succeed in Houston. It would be a
    great story. Played at Texas for college, biggest name going into the
    draft, considered a risky pick at 1, lives up to the hype and makes Houston
    relevant again. I think Manziel was given too much of a hard time by
    critics. He was sensational in college, he just partied, which is what
    probably like 80% of college students do especially popular football
    players. Manziel performed despite all the publicity, and he’s extremely
    athletic, with honestly an underrated arm. Its not amazing, but its dumb
    when people compare him to Tebow. Manziel is just young, but once he grows
    and hits the NFL he likely be out of his partying phase. He’s getting a lot
    of support to from guys who were under a lot of pressure and scrutiny at a
    young age as well like Lebron James. I think that support will help a lot,
    having these mentors will keep him straight. 

  • Kyle Cornwell says:

    Every time I hear talk of Jadeveon Clowney, I immediately am reminded by
    Albert Haynesworth. It is painfully obvious this is the way he will go.

  • Leon S. Kennedy says:

    Manziel or Bortles will be number 1 PERIOD! Defense wasn’t the main problem
    in Houston. It was bad QB play. Clowney doesn’t play offense and QB is the
    most important position in football, and the texans will be retarded not to
    take one. 

  • T Nev says:

    Does ESPN really think fans dont know Skip runs off of personal agendas?
    Hes incredibly transparent. He will be the down fall of Johnny just like he
    was the down fall of Timmy. Bank on that.

  • Andréas Remis says:

    None and I mean None of these quarterbacks are worthy of a top 10 pick.
    Teams will be reaching. Yet the possibility all 3 will go in the top 10 is
    high. Also, all these quarterbacks would benefit from going later in the
    draft, as they would go to a better team and presumably be able to

  • YekUnit says:

    Talent can only take you so far.. It’s the heart that makes you a

  • Stamps600 says:

    No one is calling Clowney a bust, but he is going to have to be a Hall of
    Fame player in order to be a good pick. I see Clowney as a upper level DE,
    but never makes it as a top NFL DE.

  • Liam Whittaker says:

    Falcons need this dude!
    Peria Jerry is garbage!

  • projectdarc says:

    Mack has a better PRO football skill-set than Clowney! He should go first.
    Clowney is more of a 2-4 nfl project. That’s if he has the desire to
    properly learn and grow during that time. And that’s if a organization has
    the patience to wait that long. Mack is the surest thing in the draft! And
    he’s not that far behind Clowney when it comes to athletic prowess either.

  • Satanspy says:

    Jadeveon Clowney? hes got to be from a single weave wearing ghetto mother! 

  • Dean Morrissey says:

    As much as I like maziel I say take clowney then AJ Mcarron in a later
    round the texans have the caiber of athletes to surround both Mcarron and
    Clowney and give them what they need to succeed 

  • David Anthony says:

    It’s an interesting dilemma for sure…manziel is a texas guy and has a
    chance to play in texas…from a business standpoint he is bound to sell
    tickets and bring in jersey revenue, etc. He would even probably expand
    your demand for TV games…and if you think business doesn’t play a part in
    draft…you’d be mistaken…Nonetheless…i wonder why the Texans didn’t
    explore free agency for qb’s?? I’m just speculating here…but i would be
    trying to follow a seattle type scheme much like ray lewis ravens, or the
    older steelers…find a solid QB game manager, beast RB…which they have,
    and have an outstanding defense. If they were to gamble…sign T Pryor if
    he’s cut, or Josh Freeman…who i believe is a good qb lost on a terrible
    team and system…say they pick either up…then draft clowney and come
    right back with that 33rd pick and draft another high Defensive player…I
    wonder what would that do for the team????

  • wero pinche says:

    Jadeveon Clowney is going to be a bust for any team he is drafted by. He is
    athletic and all that. But he aint no Ted Bruisic, he aint no leader and he
    gives up to easily. Merel Jodge already talk about Jadeveon Clowney.

  • Virulent Venom says:

    I understand they need a QB, but I think Clowney is more a sure thing than
    rolling the dice with the 3 or 4 QBs. I’d rather secure the Watt and
    Clowney duo and grab a Qb in the draft next year.

  • snoth cambin says:

    You dont need a great QB to win a SB just a great defense get Mack then get
    a QB late

  • Marauder420YOLO says:

    the last 10 seconds sums up the whole vid

  • CannonMan67 says:

    HOUSTON NEEDS A QB! U can argue that jadaveon deserves to be #1 pick but
    Houston doesn’t need a d lineman

  • TheFunkytownGotcha says:

    Skip is the only guy that thinks Clowney production last season is what is
    to be expected. His versatility and athleticism is un-matched and cannot be
    coached. Its up to the NFL coaches to coach him on the game and the given
    positions they want him to play.