JB Smoove: "[Knicks] Are Going to Be a Better Team"

Actor and comedian JB Smoove joins First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless to discuss Carmelo Anthony returning to the New York Knicks and what he expects from the team this upcoming season.

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  • S. M.A. says:

    Cleanthony early is going to be a monster and he was slept on

  • Carlton Clare says:

    Maybe in 2015 but not this coming year. They didnt make any grand moves and
    Melo wasnt worth that money. Especially with his playoff history. Wade is
    wroth more and that’s not saying much of anything. 

  • Black Viceroy says:

    I wanna see that 4 course meal thing!!!

  • KiNg AlBo says:

    Melo is the next Charles Barkley a great player but will never win a ring

  • JaySmoke203 says:

    I feel the same too we can make the playoffs

  • Mr21Daytime says:

    Once again Stephen a smith was proven wrong. Carmelo re-signed with the
    knicks while smith said on February 17th and march 17th that Carmelo was
    going to leave. I have yet to hear smith admit that he was wrong. He
    claims he is a knicks fan, yet here he is in this vid, as he usually does,
    talking down the knicks. Real fans do not talk down their team. And do
    not tell me that he is being realistic because he does not sound like a
    realistic fan but a fan of a rival team. He is quick to point out that the
    knicks haven’t won it since 1973 but the cavs haven’t won it in since
    1964, but somehow they are in title contention talks on ESPN. HYPOCRISY!
    The Summer league knicks team looks great, is undefeated and smacked down
    the d-league team last night, and smith does not want to think that the
    knicks could be great when you add their talents with Carmelo. He does not
    want to admit that they can be great with Carmelo, yet if that is the case
    how then could the bulls of been great with him then? It goes both ways.
    Stop the hypocrisy. And stop insulting Phil Jackson. yes I am talking to
    you Stephen A Smith, an all of ESPN, and you too Bleacherreport. Fisher
    and Jackson said Carmelo will thrive in the triangle, and Smith claims that
    the knicks won’t be great. How does he know that? He doesn’t. Therefore
    the Knicks will and shall be great.

    In my opinion, smith knows he is wong because he is letting Smoove finish
    what he is saying because he can’t argue against what he is saying. It
    seems like haterade. Is it because ESPN is restricted from showing knick
    games because dolan owns his own television network (MSG), therefore
    preventing ESPN from cashing in on the distribution of those games? GO

  • Richard Redfern says:

    thats a smoove move(haha ahah)

  • THEJOURNEY92 says:

    True jose is underrated

  • saleh aljouf says:

    I like Melo but he wont be winning any rings unless LeBron decide to join

  • JayMike Florida says:

    His stand up isn’t even close to top 10 material !!! But I must say besides
    Deray Davis ,, JB smoove is the other comedian I root for the most he seems
    like such a good person !!! & I 4got to add Anthony Anderson to that list
    of comedians I root for 🙂 lets just say he’s my honorable mention 

  • TheOoze06 says:

    Dang this guy is fkn obnoxious

  • BF3blog says:

    Leon’s got a good point. What’s Larry’s take on this?

  • honorguard88 says:

    Thats some Smoooooove moves.

  • JmanDatN says:

    Everyone thinks they a fortune teller. There’s no way of knowing how
    they’ll be next season….but i can say this year they have a new coach, a
    new system, and new leaders and consistent performers. I Believe that one
    or both of hardaway or shump is gonna have a breakout season, I Believe
    that bargy can play well in triangle (even if he’s no gasol he still has
    talent), I Believe that jr smith will turn it around, and I KNOW melo gonna
    have another great season. Will they win the title…I hope. But even if
    they don’t these veins will bleed blue and orange till the end

  • Andrés Vélez says:

    Chris Smoove Dad

  • Atoweha says:

    The knicks ARE going to be better only because of Calderon.. Calderon is
    SOO underrated… 

  • flee611 says:

    first. but for some reason my comment wouldn’t post. so just to let y’all
    know i was actually first

  • Destiny Da Vinci says:

    I like this stephen a smith.

  • TheGamer101 says:

    i thought the wizards and bobcats would be great JB. people who actually
    know basketball knew that those team are going to be better cause they are
    young and younger teams usually get good. they were in rebuilding mode and
    in 2 years they are going to be one of the best teams in the NBA.

  • bowlesmovement08 says:

    JB is the man lol….from the bronco to the glove 

  • Tom Car says:

    Im still trying to see how the knicks are going to somehow make the
    playoffs. They traded their best defender and pg for a pg that plays worse
    defense then felton. They have a rookie coach. Someone help me out? How did
    they go from one of the worst teams in the league to playoff bound by
    getting worse? Last time I checked carmelo was on the knicks last year.

  • joeandgod1 says:

    He makes Steven A. look like a calm,reasonable person !

  • Keven says:

    the reactions they make seem so fabricated

  • TMGaming says:



    First, to watch the video, gotcha fools