Jerry Ferrara on His Knicks, LeBron’s Return

Actor Jerry Ferrara Joins First Takes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless to discuss the Knicks, the return of LeBron James to Cleveland and the Lakers free agency woes.

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  • Frank Jr says:

    If Carmelo could play like he did in the Bobcats game with no emotion on
    his face, and get his team to get in that same mindset, then the Knicks
    would be a serious threat. I could see Tim Hardaway Jr becoming that same
    type of player and bring this team to the hope that he can win big.

  • Jason Smith says:

    Miami need more titles 

  • Ricky Leung says:

    Haters are always gonna hate. If Carmelo were to join Bulls or Rockets,
    people will say he’s disloyal, weak, runs away from his problems, etc. Now
    that Carmelo stays, people say he’s not about winning and only about money,
    etc. What the hell you want this man to do?

  • munclesonkey says:

    Man Stephen a hates Jim buss nearly as much as skip hates LeBron 

  • sephron17 says:

    I’m getting sick and tire of this, last season was suppose to be a wash for
    the Lakers and the rebuilding process was to occur this season. Now
    management is saying oh were gonna have much more salary cap next season 

  • Trackball says:

    "Sometimes stuff has to crash and burn, before it’s allowed to be
    Not true.
    They could get a Congressional bailout.

  • Silver Spider says:

    Turtle lost some weight

  • BluFriday Vorhees says:

    Stephen A Hates Jimm Buss Guts !!! lol

  • Its The Lui says:

    C’mon man, Sacre is a beast, haven’t you seen his 2012-2013 highlights when
    he was crazily celebrating. Also, Clarkson is looking good during summer
    league but that doesn’t matter

  • Wesam Shalalda says:

    i feel soo sick when the lakers are like this….. :(

  • Calvin Wong says:

    hearing jose calderon name again is so awesome. that guy is always going to
    be in toronto’s heart

  • Owen Ferrara says:

    Ferrara…. Ferrara that name sounds familiar I just cant put my finger on

  • Jon Doe says:

    "IF" Lebron brings "1" Championship to Cleveland that would be equal to 6
    NBA Championships and will cement him as the Greatest NBA Player to have
    ever existed. This is how bad Cleveland was/is/are and everyone knows it.

  • Louis Barragan says:

    I’m a lakers fan and I agree with Stephen A. The only way to get rid of Jim
    Buss is by the lakers failing. I wanted Kobe to get his 6th or 7th but it’s
    not gonna happen. Mike D’Antoni and Jim literally destroyed the lakers…..

  • Jeremy A says:

    Think like a man? This dude couldn’t think for himself!!

  • Giancarlo Correll says:

    Knicks should go after Lance and Bynum.