Jimmy Walker’s tee shot hits bird mid-flight at Crowne Plaza (Video)

Jimmy Walker

Jimmy Walker tee shot hits bird. (Photo PGA Tour)

No, Jimmy Walker didn’t hit an eagle at the Crowne Plaza Invitational, in fact he literally hits a random bird in the sky at his tee shot on Friday. But in the video below, it seems the bird was checking on Walker’s ball in mid air flight and hugs on it’s wings. We can figure if ball hit the bird, there will be some kind of feathers from the bird but none. Instead, the bird continue doing what birds do. Fly high.

Currently leading in the Crowne Plaza leaderboard is Brice Garnett with 7-under while Chris Stroud and Robert Streb are trailing by a shot with 6-under going into Saturday’s third round. Jimmy Waker is one of the seven players tide at 4th with 5- under.

Check Jimmy Walker’s tee shot in the video below, courtesy of PGA Tour.

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